19 Popular Weather Websites

Weather websites play important role at time of adverse situations such as flood, cyclone, hottest summer and coldest winter. It helps in getting alerts and prepared to fight against such adverse conditions and be safe. Below are few top weather websites to help visitors check weather related information from reliable sources.

1. Weather.com

The website is named as The Weather Channel and it offers weather status of different countries across the world including US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France and India. It also covers latest news and happenings related to weather, and helps visitors plan road trip with weather. Users can follow the site through their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account.

2. WunderGround.com

The WunderGround.com provides current weather condition of users’ location without any click. It has a search box to find weather condition of other location across the world. It has some beautiful weather photos, colorful maps and satellite view of the world too. The site also is helpful for travelers with features like travel planner, road trip, beach weather and more.

3. AccuWeather.com

AccuWeather.com provides current weather status, weather forecast, radar and maps, news and video, and hurricane information. It also features national live feed with news and videos. The given search box helps in finding the weather condition of desired location in one click.

4. Weather.gov

Weather.gov provides weather forecasts, information on weather safety as well as news. On the home page colorful map is displayed to know weather status at a glance. Other important features offered by the site are quick information on past weather, active alerts, information on rivers, lakes and rainfall, satellite view and radar. Users can also customize the site according to their favourites.

5. Bing Weather

This weather section of Bing search engine compares weather forecast from various sources. Weather information on any place is just a click away with Bing’s weather site. Bing currently provide comparison between AccuWeather, weather.com and Foreca.

6. AOL Weather

AOL’s weather portal providing information on all segments. Weather part of the portal provides maps, radar, information on storm centre, weather related videos and latest weather news too. Submitting location in the search box is what required knowing weather status of a particular location. The interface is good and information is crisp.

7. TheWeatherNetwork.com

TheWeatherNetwork.com provides complete weather current status and forecasts in easy navigation. It also publishes latest news and stories related to weather across the world.

8. Yr.no

Yr.no is offered in 4 different language while its a Norwegian website online since 2007. It is a joint venture between Met.no (Norwegian Meteorological Institute) and the NRK.no (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) The interface is good with live weather map. It provides air temperature, holiday weather, seat and coast forecasts, UV alert and also forecast fire danger. It also gives information on warmest, coldest and wettest places.

9. Intellicast.com

Intellicast.com provides local weather information, national weather information and global weather information in one click. It also gives update on storms, health, travel and radar. The interface is friendly and the search box helps to find weather condition of any place.

10. WeathrOffice.gc.ca

This site shows complete information on weather in Canada. It also features weather related warnings, marine info, air quality info, educational resources, historical weather and few more. Users can search the complete weather condition of any location in Canada from the drop down menu.

11. MetOffice.gov.uk

MetOffice is UK dedicated weather website and provides complete information and forecasts on the region. It also features video upon the national weather forecast for each day. The site is customizable according to users’ choice.

12. Weatherbug Weather

The site is neat and clean with easy navigation. It provides temperature of world cities on its home page that will make travelers easy to know without any click. Videocast and weather news are also featured.

13. Foreca.com

Foreca.com website has a nice user interface, less cluttered and neat and clean. On the home page it displays users’ current location weather condition in details. It also features 10 day forecast, sea areas condition and ski resorts status across the world.

14. SpaceWeather.com

The tag line of SpaceWeather.com goes “news and information about the Sun-Earth environment”. The website seems little different than other weather websites on the Web. It provides aurora alerts, solar wind details, x-ray solar flares information, 3D sun photos, near earth asteroids and more planetary information.

15. WeatherOnline.co.uk

WeatherOnline website provides complete information on weather in UK. It provides graphical forecast to help users understand and know near future weather condition quickly and just at a glance. The site also features information on weather related sports such as winter sports and skiing.

16. WeatherCity.com

WeatherCity.com website’s home page is similar to a simple search engine interface with several cities direct weather links, alphabetical browsing feature and a search box. On the city pages it provides complete weather information of the city including radar, satellite and weather cameras features.

17. Snow-Forecast.com

Visitors can get information on anything related to snow and its forecast on this site. This is too a bit different weather website than the usual ones. It is helpful to those users who loves snow sports, loves touring snow places or lives in such regions. The site also offers latest snow news to keep visitors updated.

18. WeatherSpark.com

WeatherSpark.com home page is similar to a dedicated search engine with only a search box. Submitting any location in it takes to related page with complete weather information and weather forecast. It also provides weather compare feature between two locations. The user interface is based on maps.

19. Weather.com.au

The site is dedicated to Australian weather and forecast. On the home page it shows high and low temperature of major Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Clicking on the cities takes to a seven-day weather forecast page. The site has simple interface.

The above websites are worth bookmarking so that it is just a click away at times of emergencies.

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