Top 30 Web Analytics Tools

When you own a website, it is almost impossible to ignore its virtual presence. The traffic that comes to your site, the visitors on your website and why they have arrived there and the basic browsing information are vital when you are taking your website seriously. The web visitor tracking software or services truly help in getting advanced statistics besides just providing the data on the number of people visiting a website.

Most such tools also help you analyse the types of visitors, the popular pages on your website, the content that is getting popular on your website and more. Some of the services and software which have been popular in the recent times provide several high end tracking solutions which have been discussed below.

Google Analytics

The king of all tracking services Google Analytics by far is the best tracking tool which is available online for free. The simplicity and ease to use with which it comes provides you powerful options to track down your visitors and make reports used depicting some of the most useful data patterns.


It is one of the popular services which are pretty fast, quick loading, responsive and reliable in terms of the statistics collected and provided to the users. You can place the tracking bots on your site which would be invisible and ad free without disturbing the look of your website. It provides all the important details like the visitor path, keywords, popular pages and has the potential to be configured to your liking. The only drawback of statcounter is that the segmentation is not clear, funnel tracking is not provided and goal oriented planning may not be possible.


Especially popular among the bloggers this site comes with several basic as well as advanced features to analyse the traffic of your website. This tool has been used by many bloggers to display the live traffic on their website and make them available to the visitors.

Displays live visitors on your site along with showing you the stats for the time when the site had the highest number of visitors.


This tool provides you both free as well as paid premium tracking services where the free services include basic data of the visitors. The best part is that it easily describe how the user reach your site, how long he stayed on the site, what he found interesting, etc. You get advanced tracking and analysing tools in the paid services.


A paid tracking service where packages start from $299 per month offering an integrated PPC management system which is way advanced than the traditional web analytics provided.


This comes with some added features which makes it stand out from the others in the arena such as a feature to add a live-chat widget on your website. Other than that the excellent API service helps you integrate your own statistics and metrics with theirs. Woopra has great customization and very extensive reports giving you every possible detail about your site.


Provides you real time visitor tracking along with tools for in-depth visitor tracking and twitter analytic. You can even monitor twitter searches with the custom twitter searches feature. It has paid as well as free options.


Popular for its simple yet intuitive user interface and an alternative to people who do not want to give access to all their data like done by Google Analytics. Plus points are customizable dashboard and that it is open source; it is available as a free software and can be hosted on your own server. Good for tracking website goals and planning. However, relevant information like segmentation is not available.


A paid tracking service where packages start at just $9/month providing the users with automated reports that can highly benefit the users to study and improve the effectiveness of their websites.


A tracking tool which doesn’t hamper the speed of your website giving out the most exact results.


Provides some added statistics such as conversion rates, and focuses on individual user sessions and track down their movements on your website.


Popular for paid services where they provide data as well as information which the members seek regarding the performance of their website. The tool is not much focused on history; therefore you won’t get much information on past traffic and visitors.


Popular for real time web analysis and tools to carry out market research. The site claim to have more than 110000 users and offers various services and suites for different types of websites.


A site which provides you the services of tracking down your video analytics, mobile analytics, advanced app analytics, and tools to track or carry out survey to know what your visitors feel about your website.


Popular for providing reports on customer intelligence, behavioural patterns, optimization results, and unified digital analytics on mobile, social media, etc.

Open tracker

Online since 10 years, providing intuitive real time user tracking, web analytics, and app analytics. The pricing starts from €19.95/month and can go higher depending on monthly pageviews.


Provides the tool to check live visitor activity on the website.


This site provides you the feature for sharing your website stats with your friends and others whom you want to know about your site stats.


A paid tracking service that provides high comprehensive real time traffic statistics to help you optimize your website and maximise your ROI.


Packages both paid and free that provide the users with tracking services from the simple basic tracking to the most advanced tracking and reporting system.


Known for tracking services which track analyse and optimize your site to enhance your website presence.


An innovative yet compact tracking service which provides clients with adaptable, high performing decision making, and evolutionary solutions for their websites.


As the site says it brings all the statistics at a single place to help you analyse and improve your site’s performance.


An advanced paid service which even tracks the mouse movement i.e. each of the user activities on the website besides providing the in-depth web analytics.


Efficient services that help you track your visitors along with tracking your campaigns and capture the lead traffic which you might be missing out.


OWA is Open Web Analytics; and true to the name, is rich in features providing a great deal of information. Good for in depth analytics, self hosted. The advantage includes the fact that it is downloadable and available in plug-in form for wordpress.


The feature which makes this service stand apart from the others above is the feature of heat-maps along with the desktop client which provides a ‘ding’ every time a visitor comes to your website.


Provides you the platform to track your visitors, create heat maps, use the live chat software to interact with your visitors, and get instant user feedback on the site.


A simple to use software giving you a flexible dashboard at a monthly charge of just $30. The plus points are that it has a onetime fee, self hosted, you can add plug-ins for the info you require and that it’s awesomely stylish!

Although all the tools above give you some of the in-depth knowledge and details about the website and its health, each come with some or the added features. They certainly help the webmasters to analyse and work on the flaws as well as the strong points of their websites which further helps them to improve their ROI.

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