15 Popular Wiki Sites

A Wiki site, as commonly understood, is a site that can be developed and maintained by its own users. It is basically targeted as providing Free and valuable information to its users be it educational, technical, artistic or of any other form. WikiMedia Foundation is the largest network catering to this need. Here are some of the Top Wiki Sites:


WikiPedia has become the other name for information on the web. The ‘free encyclopedia’ is regularly updated and is one of the most trusted sites in the world. It also has a very large and extensive database of information.

Purpose: ‘Making Knowledge Free’ – the website is free of advertisements and runs on donations.

Founded By: WikiMedia Foundation


A wiki of network of collaboratively published videogames, sport, food, lifestyle, news, cultural topics and entertainment content on the web. Per their website, they have currently 200,000 wikis maintained and 25000+ edits per day.

Founded By: Tangient LLC


WikiHow is known to be the largest How To Manuel with over thousands of articles on various ‘How To’ subjects.

Purpose: To provide how to information in any language and on any subject

Founded By – Jack Herrick in 2005, with the goal to find answers and help in information sharing.


A project from Wikimedia foundation. It is a multilingual collaborative dictionary and can be edited by anyone just all other wikis. It is also offered in many other languages including Chinese and french.


WIkiSpecies is a great site for scientists and students with curiosity. It offers a great deal of information on varied plant and animal species. Contnetn is reviewed by technical authorities so as to validate that the information is correct.

Purpose: to enable scientists to share scientific information and let learners find a platform to learn. Focus lies on biologists and they have a strong database.

Founded By: Wikimedia Foundation


This is wiki site that is supported and carried by volunteers with the aim to make location information easy and convenient. The site operates across the whole world and is an open – content collaborative mapping project. They use Google Maps.

Purpose: To provide useful and correct map information about various parts of the worl to users of the site. The guidelines are as per the discretion of the volunteers running the site.

Founded By – Evgeniy Saveliev & Alexandre Koriakine in the year 2006. It is not a part of Wikimedia and does generate revenue from Google ads.


Used by students worldwide; true to their commitment and tag line, the site offers a great deal of content for assignments, projects, and research. The site caters to students as well as teachers.

Purpose: Related to education; they have the business and personal model


WikiTravel is an award winning website for travel; a travel guide. It is a collaborative project which uses information shared by ‘wiki travelers’ who travel across the globe and update the information with articles. They also have a newsletter.

Purpose: They provide information or travelers. Printed guides are also available and it is open to everyone to volunteer and share information.

Founded By – Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins; the website was soon purchased by Internet Brands. They generate revenue through advertising.


The site came into existence to fill the learning gaps and Wikipedia ambition to make knowledge free. Wikijunior and wikiversity are two projects that started alongside and along with wikibooks for the same purpose; to extend the initiative.

Purpose: To provide free text books for reference; and learning aids.

Founded By: Wikimedia Foundation


A site which brings quotes from various sources to the reader; the quotes are gives appropriate credit and attributed to films, writers, books, people, etc.

Purpose: Provide awesome quotes to readers.

Founded By – A Wikimedia Foundation initiative, works on the MediaWiki free software.


This is a project from WikiMedia foundation. It was known as Project Sourceberg earlier. Wikisource is an online digital library to host all forms of free text. Currently the project already has more than 250000 texts in English.


Wikivoyage was started in 2006 and relaunched by Wikimedia group again in January 2013 as earlier wiki site WikiTravel as acquired by “Internet Brand”. The site offers travel articles and guides similar to WikiTravel.


WikiVarsity is an open content, online university where anyone can contribute various learning resources. The project was launched in 2006 by WikiMedia foundation. Currently it has reached to nearly 20000 learning resources (including tutorials and courses).


Up to date with latest happenings across the world. Anyone can create and edit news.

Purpose: To provide a news service that benefits people.

Founded By: A Wikimedia project


A wiki about various products. You can find unbiased information about various products, specs, price, reviews etc. Products are categorized into many categories. Various categories includes tech, fashion, industrial etc..

There are various other sites which also provide information that can be edited and discussed, for instance the controversial site, wikileaks.com. WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit website that provides information about various facts across the world however; these are hidden truths, secrets and undisclosed data. The website is a platform for whistle blowers and content that is not openly discussed. The provider information is discrete and anonymous. Various countries have tried banning the site based on the content shared.

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