48 Popular WordPress Themes Websites

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating and maintaining websites. One of the main advantages of WordPress is that it allows users to customise the look of the site using themes. There are plenty of sites offering both free and paid WordPress themes.

Here are some of the top sites offering WordPress themes:

WordPress Themes

This is the official site featuring the catalogue of the themes provided by the WordPress platform itself. It claims to have more than 1600 themes in its database, which have had more than 50 million downloads. It is possible to sort themes based on the popularity or functionality.

Theme Forest

The site contains numerous products for the WordPress platform like themes, frameworks, plug-ins, and e-commerce templates. The WordPress themes are available across a wide range of categories like corporate, retail, blog, magazine, non-profit, mobile, and responsive.

Elegant Themes

This site claims to contain a library of 76 themes. It also claims to have had close to 150,000 downloads. The site provides access to all the themes for a yearly subscription fee of $ 39. The site also provides numerous plug-ins for WordPress.

Woo Themes

Woo Themes provides premium themes and other extensions for the WordPress platform. The site claims to have more than 300,000 members. Each theme comes with comprehensive support and it runs on the WooFramework that claims to offers flexibility.


StudioPress provides Genesis Framework. Which is a wordpress theme framwork. The site also has themes designed by other developers. It is claimed that StudioPress has more than 80,000 members running the themes. Various resources and a discussion board are also provided to the members. They also offer many child themes for Genesis.

Rocket Theme

Rocket Theme houses numerous themes for various platforms along with a special section for WordPress platform. It is possible to sort the teams on the basis of release date or price. Each theme comes with full support and a list of its features.


YOOtheme provides premium themes that run on both WordPress and Joomla! platforms. The site offers three types of licenses, which range from €39 for the Basic version to the €249 for the developer version, for WordPress themes.

DIY Themes

DIY Themes offers popular thesis wordpress framework, which allows a site to be customised infinitely after the addition of a skin theme. Skin themes are provided by the developers. There are two types of licenses ranging from $87 for unlimited websites and $164 for developers.


This provides users with premium WordPress themes that can be bought as a single theme or by the bundle. Access to all the themes is provided for $299, while prices of the individual themes vary depending upon the categories.


AppThemes is mainly concerned with providing premium business WordPress themes. Individual themes are available for $99, while access to all the themes is provided for $249. The themes can be used on unlimited sites and come with 12-month support.


WpZoom provides professional WordPress themes that come with complete documentation and lifetime support. The onetime fee packages range from $69 to $149, while the monthly membership plan requires a sign up fee and costs from $9 to $19 per month.

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes specialises in offering premium WordPress themes alongside templates for other platforms. The site claims to have just under 50,000 users, who have downloaded close to 100,000 themes. Each theme prices vary depending upon the categories.

Theme Junkie

This is a site providing a library of 28 themes, which cost $35 individually. The club package allows users to access all the themes for $49. Support by the developers is provided through a forum, while it claims to have had close to 10,000 customers.

New WordPress Themes

NewWPThemes.com offers themes for WordPress that have been designed and developed by them. Blog, news, magazine, business, and portfolio are the main categories for which the themes are offered. The site claims to have had more than 3 million downloads, while there is an extensive library of more than 600 free themes available as well. Complete support is provided to the themes sold on this site. The themes are free to download with sponsored links in footer, which can be removed by paying one time fee.

Ink Themes

Ink Themes offers single click premium WordPress themes covering various categories like responsive and business. A single theme is available for $45, while becoming a member provides access to all the themes for $147. The site provides a free trial period to its users.


This provides premium WordPress themes and templates along with various theme customisation techniques and video tutorials. The standard package costs $49 per theme, while it is $79 per theme under developer package. All the themes at ThemeFuse are available for $389.

SM Themes

SM Themes offers an extensive array of free WordPress themes that also can be purchased to remove the template sponsorship. The themes can be sorted on the basis of colour, sidebar, columns, and categories. Support is provided by the developers through a discussion board.

Premium Press

Premium Press provides a collection of premium WordPress themes, and it claims to have more than 10,000 users. Each theme costs $79, while all the themes can be bought for $249. Premium Press claims to offer business themes that are highly customisable.


iThemes provides a WordPress builder that can be used to create customised looks. It also has numerous training tips for WordPress. It is possible to choose from numerous child themes available to provide a base for the customisation.


This provides access to the Themify framework and numerous themes that give complete control over the look of the site. Themify offers two themes for $39, while access to all the themes is provided from $69 per year.

Fab Themes

This site offers only free themes for the WordPress platform. Themes can be sorted on the basis of their ratings and style. Each theme comes with a variety of theme options and a live demo. The site also claims to use no junk codes within the themes.


this site provides WordPress themes that cover the theme needs of a wide variety of websites in the niches like blogging, music, photography, portfolio, responsive, and video. There is also a compilation that brings out the best free themes. To download it free, user however need to tweet about them first.


This is a framework that allows customisation by the drag-and-drop method. This premium framework costs $87 for the professional or personal license, while the developer license costs $174. Themes can also be purchased from the store on the site. The site also offers several free themes.


FThemes houses many free and paid WordPress themes. It has a library of more than 300 free themes. The themes can be sorted based on the number of sidebars, number of columns, and colour of the theme. It also offers the ability to sponsor a theme, while support is provided to the members through the site. Themes are free to download but require to pay if you want to remove links from footer.

Premium WordPress

This site is a directory of the premium WordPress themes, tips about WordPress, and discounts on various WordPress extensions. It also provides regular compilations of the best themes from categories like business, portfolio, responsive, and magazine.

Gabfire Themes

Gabfire Themes provides premium WordPress themes spread across various categories like news, blog, magazine, portfolio, and newspapers. The site provides complete documentation and video tutorials for each theme, which costs $79 under the standard package and $179 in the developer package.


This site provides both free and paid themes for the WordPress platform. Aside from providing the themes, it also offers free installation of the themes onto the WordPress. Access to all the premium themes is provided for $49.


Colorlabs offers premium WordPress themes and frameworks with complete technical support. The site offers a deal that provides all the themes for $67. The site claims to have more than 46 themes. The site also has various theme documentations and video tutorials.

Headway Themes

Headway Themes provides a WordPress framework that can be used to create a customised website using the drag and drop method. The base package costs $ 87, while the developer package is accessible for $174. Both packages come with 12 month support.


This site offers free WordPress themes that can be downloaded on condition. It also has a blog giving up the latest news about popular giveaways and tips to monetise a website. The site also offers the best deals for tools that help improve a website in a special section.

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press provides a collection of premium WordPress themes. The site claims to have a library of 34 themes. Access to all the themes is provided for $99 per year, while buying individually will make each theme costs $75.


Solostream provides a library of 27 high-quality premium WordPress themes that are search engine optimised. Two types of membership plans, which provide access to all themes, are available starting from $99 for three months for the silver plan to the $129 annual Gold plan.


Wpshower provides premium and free WordPress themes that have been developed by the in-house developers. The themes available on Wpshower are ideal for news, magazines, and portfolio style websites. The site also offers a discussion board through which support is provided to the themes. The site has a mixture of 10 free and paid themes on the display.


This site offers a collection of responsive WordPress themes that have the ability to adjust according to the nature of the device. The site has four different themes that cost between $25 and $35. All the themes come with professional support.

Organic Themes

Organic Themes primarily offers WordPress themes designed for business owners, bloggers, and artists. Clean coding, complete support, and regular updates are available with all the themes, which cost $249 whereas single themes cost $69.

Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom provides a collection of 42 different professional WordPress themes that are available at a cost of $ 29 per year. Access to all the future themes is also available as long as the user is subscribed.

Padd Solutions

Padd Solutions provides free and paid WordPress themes for websites across various categories like news, magazine, and portfolio. The site also offers WordPress services like setup packages and theme submission. There is a blog covering the tips to optimise WordPress sites.

Simple WP Themes

This site provides access to all the high quality free themes for the WordPress platform. The site claims to have a library of more than 200 themes. Customisation services from qualified developers are also available, while the themes are available for various niche websites.

Gorilla Themes

Gorilla Themes gives high-quality premium WordPress themes along with a comprehensive list of its features, licensing information, and technical support. Themes cost $49.95 in the standard package and goes up to $149.95 in the developer package.

Blog Oh! Blog

Blog Oh! Blog is a site that has a list of both free and premium WordPress themes, which are listed under various categories. The single user license for a premium WordPress theme on Blog Oh! Blog costs $49.99, while the developer license costs $150.

Obox Themes

This site provides a collection of customisable WordPress themes. The premium themes on this site cost $60 and it comes with two themes. The membership package will allow access to all the themes for $140 along with a recurring payment of $15 per month.

Theme Trust

This site offers themes that have professional design, clean coding, ability to customise, and excellent support. The price of a single theme on Theme Trust is $49, but the site is offering two themes for the price of one.

Theme Hybrid

Theme Hybrid provides a variety of WordPress themes designed for niches like blogging, magazine, and portfolio. Support and other tutorials for the themes cost $29 per year. Access to all the future themes is also available under this membership plan.


This site houses a catalogue of more than 450 free themes for the WordPress platform. The free themes come with copyright information, which can be removed by paying a fee for each theme. The site also has a discussion board and advertisers can sponsor a template.

Press 75

Press 75 offers themes in various categories like business, commerce, magazine, portfolio, and video. A theme can be per purchased as a bundle or per theme basis, while the lifetime package provides access to all the current and future themes along with complete support for $275.

WordPress Hacks

WordPress Hacks provides a comprehensive list of more than 150 themes designed for the WordPress platform. This comprehensive list contains both free and paid themes, with appropriate links to view the demos and download the files.


SkinPress provide WordPress themes that come with features like threaded comments and post carousel, while there is support provided to widgets and advertising options like AdSense. The site provides a detailed listing of the features within each theme.

Free Premium Themes

This site offers access to high quality WordPress themes. However, the themes offered on this site are completely free, while there is also a dedicated service offering free WordPress setup. This site also has a compilation of the best free premium WordPress themes.

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