38 Popular Wrist Watch Brands

Wearing a wrist watch today is more of a style statement besides serving the need of keeping time. People like to wear them as per occasions and their needs. Below we have compiled the list of the top 38 companies from all over the world who have been manufacturing great wristwatches for years.



This Company offers fashionable wristwatches and started out in the year 1983. It is the largest watch company in the world offering specialized models like quartz chronographes, automatic chronogrpahes movements and even diamond decorated watches. Swatch sponsors a lot of ski freeriders, snowboarders, beach volleyball players, surfers etc.


Swiss luxury manufacturer of watches based in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado manufactures about half a million watches every year and is highly regarded for its use of scratch proof materials. The Rado hi-tech diamond watch is till date the hardest watch in the world with hardness of 10,000 Vickers.



Undoubtedly the leading name in the world of luxury wristwatches. Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand manufacturing about 2000 watches each day. The official time keeper in the Australian Open and the Wimbledon is Rolex.


A Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Bienne, Switzerland. A number of celebrities have endorsed Omega brand including George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Michael Phelps, Daniel Craig, etc. The Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph was the first watch on the moon worn by Buzz Aldrin. It is the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932.


A French watch maker with its headquarters in Paris. There are around 200 Cartier stores in nearly 125 countries. The company has served different royalties and celebrities over a long period of time.

Tag Heuer

This Company manufactures and markets watches and is based in Neuchatel, Switzerland. It was the first company in the world to introduce automatic chronograph. The professional Golf watch developed by Tag Heuer with Tiger Woods in the year 2006 which won the IF Product Design Award in the Leisure/Lifestyle category.


Established in the year 1918 and is one of the leading manufacturers of watches in the world. Citizen is regarded as the worldwide leader in advanced technology with various types of watches like the slimmest LCD watch, Voice recognition watch and a dive watch with electronic depth sensor.


Basically an Italian fashion and leather goods label that is renowned for its splendid collection of luxury watches. There are different types of watches available like chronograph, stainless steel, diamonds, digital and leather. There are about 278 different Gucci stores in the world and it is the biggest selling Italian brand.


An American manufacturer/designer of watches which started out in the year 1984 has made some huge contributions in the world of watches. Bringing innovation to the world of watches the Fossils Wrist PDA is basically a palm OS based PDA can be worn like a watch.


From a small clock maker in Waterbury, Timex has evolved over 155 year’s offers a varied and large line of watches. Timex offers different styles of watches for people of all ages and today has more than 5000 employees worldwide with its watches sold in more than 100 countries.


Established in the year 1946 by Tadao Kashio it is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Famous for its digital as well as stylish range of sports watches the company has also made its name for its dual function (Analog and LCD) watches.


A Japanese watch company founded in the year 1881. It was the famous Seiko watches that were worn by James Bond 007 starring Roger Moore in 4 films and also by Jason Bourne in Robert Ludlums famous book ” The Bourne Identity”. It produces both mechanical and quartz watches available at different prices.


A Swiss luxury watch company founded in the year 1881, Movado is famous for its iconic Museum dial and has earned more than two hundred awards for time technology and watch design. Throughout the world the watches from Movado have become part of permanent collection for museums.


The luxury Swiss watchmaker company of Tissot was founded in the year 1853. Presently based in more than 150 countries worldwide it is the official timekeeper for different world championships which includes ice hockey, fencing, motorcycling and cycling. Some of the celebrities endorsed by Tissot include Danica Patrik, Michael Owen, Nicky Hayden, etc.


Saint-Imier, Switzerland based luxury watch making company founded in the year 1832, Longines is famous for its ‘Aviator’ watches. It was the first time provider for the modern day Olympics in 1892. The company has a special relation with the world of sports and is associated with different sports like Tour De France, F1 Racing, Tennis, etc.


A Swiss based luxury accessories, watch and jewelry company founded in the year 1860. Chopard has developed different varieties of watches including mechanical and quartz timepieces, gem-set, sporty, classic and many others. The company has partnership with the Cannes Film Festival that started in the year 1997.

Patek Philippe

Located in Geneva this Swiss luxury watchmaker company was developed in the year 1851. Patek Philippe produced a pocket watch for Henry Graves, Jr. that was auctioned at a staggering price of $ 11,000,000. Patek Philippe is known for its high end timepieces and complicated mechanical watches.

Audemars Piguet

A Swiss watch manufacturer that produces nearly 26,000 timepieces every year has been the official sponsors of a Group One Thoroughbred horse race held in Hong Kong, and Queen Elizabeth II Cup. Like many other luxury watches this company has several prominent ambassadors like Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Schumacher, Lionel Messi and others.


International Watch Co. located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland is a Swiss watch maker founded in the year 1868. The service department of IWC has the parts and is capable of repairing all types of watches from every period since its inception.


This Swiss luxury watchmaker company was founded by Georges Piaget in the year 1874. In the year 1960 the Calibre 12P was developed by Piaget that was the thinnest automatic watch with a thickness of 2.3mm. In 2002 Piaget came up with the Calibre 600P which is the thinnest tourbillion watch in the world with 3.5mm thickness.


The maker of watches and clocks with headquarter situated in Woodside, Queens, New York City. In the year 2008 Bulova was bought by Citizen and presently they are the world’s largest watchmaker. Bulova introduced the Precisionist in the year 2010 that claims to have a sweeping second hand instead of the one that jumps every second.


The Company has been producing timepieces since 1974 and is presently headquartered in New York City. With around 1800 employees over the globe, Geneva recorded a sale of $192 million dollars by selling around 25 million watches. Geneva manufactures and distributes its own surfer brand along with licensing several other brands like Kenneth Cole, Betsey Johnson, etc.


The collection of watches was launched by Guess in the year 1983 and since then it has appealed to fashion-driven consumers from every part of the world. There are lots of celebrities that appear in their ad campaigns like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore, etc.


It was a french manufacturer of luxury watches founded in the year 1775. Now part of Swatch Watch group. The founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet also developed the famous watch making technology known as the tourbillion. It is one of the oldest watch-making companies in the world and manufactured the first wrist watch in 1810.


Donna Karan New York is a label of the famous fashion designer Donna Karan. It was founded in the year 1989 and there are more than seventy stores of DKNY worldwide. The incredible collection of DKNY features some of the most attractive and sporty watches. They also manufacture many other lifestyle and fashion products including handbags, purses and perfumes as well.


Established by Carlo Crocco in the year 1980, this Swiss enterprise specializes in luxury watch-making. Hublot has been associated with many sporting events and in the year 2008 became the official sponsors of Manchester United football team. Apart from that it was the official timekeeper in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and will remain the timekeeper in the 2014 FIFA World Cup as well.


This famous Swiss luxury watchmaker company was founded in the year 1911 by Eugene Blum and Alice Levy. Ebel has remained epitome of high-end design and exclusive watch making since its establishment. In the year 2009 it became the official time partner for Real Madrid and Olympique Lyonnais.


Titan is the world’s 5th largest wrist watch manufacturer that started out in the year 1987 based in India. Titan watches are exported to around 32 different countries worldwide and it also manufactures top class jewelry under the brand name Tanishq.


A Swiss watch-making company that started out in the year 1865 founded by Georges Favre-Jacot. El Primero caliber first manufactured by Zenith in the year 1969 was one of the first automatic chronographs and is still being produced today. This watch is capable of measuring and displaying 1/10ths of a second.


A Swiss watchmaker that generally specializes in women’s luxury timepieces. Founded in the year 1996, Bedat is presently owned by a Malaysian Based firm known as Luxury Concept Timepieces. The watches produced by Bedat are inspired by Art Deco spirit and lines.

Ulysse Nardin

Found in the year 1846 and is located in Le Locle, Switzerland. Generally Ulysse Nardin is famous for its marine chronometers but nowadays the company has started to manufacture high-end mechanical watches also. The Astrolabium Galileo Galilei developed by Ulysse Nardin was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in 1989 as the most functional watch.


A fashion watch company based in the United States was founded in the year 1837 by Raphael Picard. Run by the Picard family the company had manufactured mechanical timepieces and that too at modest prices till the year 1970.


This Swiss watch making company was founded in the year 1955 and is famous for its high priced high quality watches. The Corum Romulus manufactured in the year 1966 was the first watch ever to display the hour numerals on the bezel. The AC45 Energy Team of the America’s Cup is sponsored by Chorum as its official timekeeper.


A Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer founded in the year 1884, Breitling is regarded as specialist of technical watches and has played a vital role in the development of the wrist chronograph. The most expensive watch of Breitling was for Bentley Mulliner Tourbillion that costs around $175,000.

Baume et Mercier

This is a Swiss Luxury watch-making company founded in the year 1830. The company has its branches in around 75 different countries of the world and produces nearly 200,000 watches each year. There are many celebrity ambassadors associated with Baume et Mercier like Ashton Kutcher, Kim Basinger, Andy Garcia and many others.


An Italian luxury goods and jewelry retailer owned by a French firm known as LVMH. The company offers distinctive designs which usually are imitated by numerous other companies. The feature of every Bulgari watch to have a unique serial number helps to check the originality of the watches.


This is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer founded in the year 1735. It is famous for being the creator of one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made that consisted of a minute repeater, Tourbillion, split chrono and perpetual calendar. It also sponsors major sporting events like Blancpain Endurance Series, Reiter Engineering’s GT1 nad GT3 cars, etc.

Vacheron Constantin

A Swiss watch making company and a brand from Richmont Group Vacheron Constantin is considered to be the company that created the world’s most complicated watch with sixteen horological complications and eight hundred thirty four parts. The watch was available in Geneva, Switzerland and was sold for a staggering figure of more than $1 million.

Nowadays there are different companies offering people with luxury wrist watches as well as wrist watches specially designed for several occasions. There are several brands of wrist watches available who are ready to offer unique styles and designs of watches for people of every age. The compiled list above surely gives you the idea about the companies offering you with the best watch for almost every occasion.


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