38 Popular Yellow Pages Websites

YellowPages and Local business directories provide information about the businesses in a certain category to find local businesses. The information is either provided by the users or generated automatically from various sources. Such information also includes reviews and feedback of the business along with its contact information.

There are several online business directories available today and this list brings out some of the best. We have divided this list into two sections.

Yellow Pages and White Pages.

The traditional way to search for businesses and contacts is through yellow pages. Many websites now offer those yellow pages online where businesses can be searched by keywords.

1. YellowPages.com

YellowPages.com or YP.com is a subsidiary of leading US telecom company AT&T. The site also offers online telephone directory AnyWho.com. YellowPages.com provides business information including restaurants, doctors, hotels, salons and many other businesses. The directory offers local search option with keyword. The site also has WhiltePages and Daily deals sections on their website.

2. WhitePages.com

This is one of the popular online business directories that provides users with the ability to search for people and businesses using various categories. It is possible to search for people or businesses based on the names. Finding such information through the contact number is also possible. This site has been online since 1997 and it claims to have more than 40 million visitors each month. The other sites operated from them includes 411.com and Switchboard.com

3. SuperPages

Superpages is a division of the SuperMedia group. This provides an online resource of the businesses in the United States. It offers a range of information starting from the contact details to the driving directions. It also features user reviews of the businesses.

4. Citysearch

This site provides information about the best businesses in the United States. Businesses such as the restaurants, hotels, spas, shopping, and bars are given priority. Users can search for these businesses based on the location attributes like cities and zip code.

5. AOL Yellow Pages

This sub division of the Aol.com provides online Yellow Pages that cover every major category from arts and entertainment to travel. The site offers the ability to search for a business by its name or by its location.

6. Yell.com

This is the online directory and online yellow pages for businesses in the United Kingdom. It not only provides the search tool for information about the businesses, but it also has maps, videos, and reviews of the businesses as well.

7. 192.com

This is the online directory catering to the businesses primarily in the United Kingdom. This site offers the ability to search for businesses, people, and places. It claims to have more than 700 million listings and is one of the most popular in the UK.

8. Yellow Book

This site offers information about the businesses throughout the United States. Each listing is provided with a rating system that is updated by the users. It is possible to search for people, businesses, and coupons on this directory.

9. Dex Knows

Dex Knows provides information about the businesses in the local neighbourhood. The listings can be viewed on the basis of categories or by their location. The site claims to have listings of more than 400,000 businesses in the United States.

10. Yellow Pages Australia

This site primarily provides information of the businesses based in Australia. Some of the features of the site include the ability to compare businesses, read about the ratings and reviews. Local businesses can also submit their listings for free.

11. Canada411.ca

Canada411.ca provides the ability to search for people or a business in Canada based on the name or location. It also has a reverse search tool that allows users to search for the same based on the contact number. The site also offers links to its mobile apps.

12. Local.ch

This site provides information about the businesses in Switzerland. It claims to have more than 3 million visitors each month. It offers the ability to search for businesses based on categories, name, or location.

13. YellowBot

The site offers local search option with review and rating options for their users. The data of businesses currently provided through LocalEZE. Business owners can also submit their business online.

Local Business Directories

Local business directories mostly offer categorized way to search businesses. Many of them also offer reviews and rating for businesses.

14. Google Business Centre

This local business directory helps users voluntarily provide listings of their business. Users can upload the details of their business completely free of charge. This also offers the ability to promote the business through the Google AdWords Express. Users need to verify their physical address to list their business. Since results are embedded in Google search results, Google local is very popular among many local businesses. Results can be also viewed through their Google map.

15. Bing Local

The another search engine giant Bing offers local listings that can be searched based on the name or location. The results also include a map showing its location. The site also offers users the ability to add listings of their businesses.

16. Yahoo! Local

Yahoo! local provides visitors with information about the local businesses, popular events, and the latest reviews. The site also helps visitors search for local businesses based on the name or location. Users can also write reviews of the businesses they have tried recently.

17. Yelp.com

Yelp provides access to information about the local businesses throughout the world. The site offers information about a particular city like food, nightlife, shopping, bars, and restaurant. Users can also offer their reviews of a particular listing.

18. Topix

This directory provides all the latest news and discussions about all the major cities across the world. There are polls for the users to vote on their take on the subjects. Events and other information of a particular city is also available.

19. Ask City

This online business directory from search engine ASK.com and is primarily concerned with providing information of businesses and services in the United States. It is possible to search for listings based on the state, city, or zip code. The site also provides information about featured services and cities.

20. City Data

This directory provides local business listings, city photos, happening events, news, and other information of major cities in the United States and Canada. The site claims to have more than 30,000 listings of local businesses and 1.2 million numbers.

21. True Local

This provides listings of businesses across various categories like accommodation, healthcare, and entertainment. Reviews of the listings present within each category are also available along with the driving directions. The site also has a special section for users to share their experiences in the form of photos.

22. Local.com

Local.com provides users with its ability to search for events, deals, and businesses in major cities across the United States. It also has numerous articles spent across categories like food, finance, household, and entertainment.

23. Merchant Circle

This site offers the ability to get information about the local merchants including driving directions and reviews. It is also possible to ask for free coupons from the merchants, while free advices can also be got from merchant experts.

24. Portland CitySearch

This site is a division of the City Search site that is primarily concerned with cities in the United States, while the site offers information about Portland, Oregon. Users can explore, discover, and recommend to other users on this directory.

25. Justdial US

This is the US division of the popular Indian local business directory. It provides free listings of businesses across categories like movies, insurance, loans, car rentals, general services, and emergency services. The site claims to have more than 1.5 million verified listings. It provides information over the phone, mobile, and internet. The site was launched in 2007 and it claims to have more than 7 million listings. Justdial covers all the major Indian cities and towns, while us local business directory coverage of the United States began in 2010.

26. Sulekha US

This is the US edition of the Indian classifieds website. This site offers information about the upcoming events in major cities across the United States. Movie tickets and showtimes information is also available along with the featured Indian businesses.

27. Jigsaw.com

Jigsaw is a business contact directory, which provides contact information of business professionals. Users can be searched through name, company or email address. Detailed information (such as contact number) can be viewed only after registration with their website. They have paid plans for heavy users. Jigsaw is part of SalesForce – a leading CRM solution company.

28. Home Advisor

This is the site that provides the local business listings concerned with home repair and home improvement. It claims to have more than 1.8 million reviews. It offers listings based on the cities, while a cost estimator tool is also present. Also provides smart phone applications to access information through leading smart phones.

29. Zoom Info

This site offers the ability to have comprehensive information about people and companies. The information and listings can then be viewed by users due to the presence of a comprehensive search tool that can redefine results based on keywords, names, and title.

30. Hot Frog

Hot Frog is the online business directory that allows business owners to add their listings for free. The site claims to get more than 1.5 million visitors each month. A small section on the site allows users to view the listings based on the popular keywords.

31. Free Index

This is an UK online business directory, which accepts ratings from the users for the listings. Listings may come with reviews, videos, photos, and other special offers. The site provides free advertising for the businesses.

32. Business.com

Business.com provides the ability to view businesses across various categories side by side, while various categories like software, sales, insurance, HR, and telecommunications are present. Many guidance articles are also offered on this site along with a blog.

33. Insider Pages

Insider Pages specialises in offering recommendations to the visitors on various categories like health, medical, home, beauty, automotive, and pets. Reviews and recommendations are available based on the location, which can be narrowed on the basis of city, state, or zip code.

34. Manta.com

Manta is a small business directory provides full company profiles for US as well as many other countries worldwide. It has categorized structure to find contact and search option to search by keywords, location or company name.

35. Kudzu

Kudzu is a site that offers the ability to ‘find a pro’ for some of the common and complicated tasks in daily life. Some of the categories offered on Kudzu include plumbers, home services, remodellers, landscapers, and dentists. The site also regularly comes up with special offers.

36. Show Me Local

This site offers the information about the latest local activity that can be seen either by the city or by the state. Business owners can also add listings of their business using the variety of plans available. Each listing also has reviews of the users.

37. Mojo Pages

This site provides a directory for local businesses to be reviewed and rated. The site also has information about the latest reviews and businesses through a small section. There is also information about the MojoAwards given to the local businesses.

38. Brown Book

This is an online business directory that offers anyone with the ability to edit a listing. The site has special sections highlighting the latest reviews, ratings, edits, and featured businesses. Businesses from around the world are featured on this site.

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