20 Top Universities in Australia

Higher education – or tertiary education as it is known in this region – through Australian universities is hugely popular around the world. There are several resources available to help students find the right courses, getting help in the form of loans, and student income support.

This is a list of the top Australian universities as per their popularity.

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Monash University

Started in 1958, the Monash University offers numerous courses under any of its 10 different faculties. They comprise of aspects like arts, business, education, engineering, information technology, law, medicine, pharmacy, and science. The university has six campuses in Australia alone, while there are campuses at international destinations like Malaysia, South Africa, and India. The University also offers several research areas as well.

University of New South Wales

Located in Sydney, this University was started in 1949. It offers more than 600 different programs in both undergraduate and graduate degrees. These programs are offered in fewer than nine different faculties, and seven of which are taught in the campus at Kensington. The remaining two faculties are present at other campuses. This is a research-intensive university and was one of the founding members of ‘Group of Eight’.

University of Melbourne

This is the second oldest university in Australia having been started in 1853. This University comprises of 12 colleges with five of them present outside the campus. It has a library featuring more than 3.5 million resources in the form of books and DVDs. Melbourne University also has campuses in four other locations across Australia. The university has exchange agreements with institutions in more than 35 countries across the world.

Australian National University

Established in 1946, the Australian National University is located in Canberra. Aside from this campus, this University is also present in six different locations across Australia. The university has seven colleges and three research centers.

University of Sydney

This is the oldest university in Australia having been begun in 1850. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree through its sixteen faculties. The university has one main campus and eleven satellite campuses. Its library consists of more than 5 million books.

University of Queensland

This is a research-intensive university that is a member of the ‘Group of Eight’. Its main campus is present in St Lucia, while there are three other campuses. Several satellite campuses are also present. Its library has 15 branches serving several resources.

RMIT University

Started in 1887, this university has 24 colleges offering numerous undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. It also has four research institutes as well. Business, engineering, and design are the chief portfolios under which the colleges are present.

University of Technology, Sydney

Present in its current form since 1981, this university has a total of four campuses in Australia. It has two libraries, which can also be accessed online. There are eight faculties in the university offering education in areas like engineering, law, and science.

Griffith University

This university has several faculties covering aspects like business, education, engineering, environment, health, law, and music. There are numerous research institutes present as well. The university has five campuses in addition to the main campus.

Uni. of Adelaide

This is one of the oldest universities in Australia having been founded in 1874. Its main campus is present in the Adelaide city centre, while it also has five other campuses in Australia and one in Singapore. It offers five faculties like engineering, health, profession, and sciences.

Queensland University of Technology

The Queensland University specializes in offering education based on applied research model. Business, biomedicine, law, and sustainable resources are some of the teaching fields at this university. There are three campuses for the university.

Curtin University

This university offers five different faculties comprising of more than 90 specialist study areas. It has two major campuses in Australia, while an international campus is present in Singapore. The university offers bachelors and masters degree programs.

Deakin University

Established in 1974, this university has four campuses in Australia. The university also provides distance education for off-campus study. There are four different faculties available within the schools, while there are several research institutes and centers.

Uni. of South Australia

This university was formed in 1991 and has a total of six campuses across Australia. Four campuses are metropolitan ones present in Adelaide, while the rest are regional campuses. The university offers four divisions teaching aspects like business and sciences.

Uni. of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong was formed in 1975 in the city of Wollongong. The university also has one other campus along with several education centers. These offer nine faculties comprising of fields like engineering, education, health, science, and law.

Uni. of Western Australia

Established in 1911, this is one of the oldest universities in Australia. It is one of the members of the ‘Group of Eight’ – a group of research universities. It offers seven library branches in its campus, while the numerous residential colleges as well.

Macquarie University

Located in Sydney, the Macquarie University offers more than 200 different programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programs come under four faculties along with several research institutes. Its library has almost 2 million books and resources, while there are two satellite campuses as well.

Uni. of Southern Queensland

Established in 1967, this university has three campuses through which it offers almost 200 different programs at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. It has five faculties – arts, business and law, education, engineering and surveying, and science.

La Trobe University

The La Trobe University offers undergraduate and postgraduate education in a variety of fields like humanities and social sciences, economics and law, business, and health sciences. The university has three major campuses aside from a number of smaller ones.

Charles Sturt University

This university offers numerous campuses around Australia, while there is also an international campus in Canada. Distance education is one of the special aspects of this university. Agriculture science, business, environmental science, and psychology are some of the fields of education available.

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