17 Top Camera Brands

Cameras today have come a long way since the early days when they used to be slow and cumbersome. Nowadays, cameras can easily take pictures of high speed moving objects, while some of them even can record videos in full high definition.

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This list is a compilation of the top camera brands according to their popularity


Canon comprises of two main ranges when it comes to the digital camera line-up – the compact digital camera and the D-SLR types. The PowerShot category offers style, simplicity, and the latest technologies in imaging for photographers of all levels. The EOS Camera line-up provides a range of products suitable for both beginners and professional photographers. There are also several types of lenses available as well.


Nikon offers four different categories of cameras – D-SLR, Nikon 1, compact digital, and film cameras. The D-SLR and Nikon 1 type cameras come with interchangeable lenses. The compact digital cameras of both style and ease of use. Most of the cameras within Nikon’s range come with full HD video recording capabilities and 35 mm film experience.


Sony’s presence in the camera industry is offered by the cyber-shot series of cameras and camcorders. The company also has a line-up of D-SLR cameras as well. The latest lineup of NEX cameras claim to offer the performance of a D-SLR with the compactness of the cyber-shot series. The product range also includes HD cameras, while accessories for all types of cameras are also available.


Kodak is the internationally acclaimed brand for manufacturing cameras and films. It has been consistently reducing its camera line-up since the last decade. Its current line-up features single use cameras for a variety of occasions like weddings and sport.


This Japanese camera brand consists of nine different categories for the US market alone. Each series is designed to excel in aspects like performance, lightness, simplicity, style, and price. The company also has a 3-D camera in its product portfolio.


Olympus’s product line-up consists of several compact digital cameras and a few high-performance D-SLR cameras. It also has a special line-up of cameras intended to withstand extreme conditions. Cameras that offer interchangeable lens feature is also present.


JVC’s camera and camcorder line-up offering primarily features 3-D and hybrid camcorders. It also has a high performance camera that can also double up as a camcorder. Live streaming and action cameras also occupy a position within the product portfolio.

Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic camera and camcorder range features two main divisions – the compact cameras and the D-SLR range. It has four types of D-SLR cameras along with several products in the compact camera segment. Various lenses and accessories are also available for both types.


Samsung has both point-and-shoot and interchangeable lens cameras in its product portfolio. These cameras come with features like Wi-Fi, dual LCD, and extended optical zooming. The point-and-shoot type cameras claim to have in number of smart features. Camcorders are also present in the product category.

Pentax Ricoh

Pentax has a compact digital cameras and high performance cameras with interchangeable lens capability. It also has special resistant cameras that have the capability to withstand water, shock and dust. It also has compact cameras with interchangeable lens capability.

Leica Camera

A line-up of this company includes numerous compact digital cameras and a few range topping and the performance oriented D-SLR cameras. It also has special editions focused on style and technical abilities. Custom engraving and leather trim options on a few cameras as well.


Sigma’s range of cameras includes six different types of compact digital cameras and two types of D-SLR units. The compact digital cameras come with the world’s first full-color imaging sensor. Lenses, lens caps, flash, and body caps are some of the accessories available from this brand.


Polaroid has three categories of cameras – digital still cameras, digital video cameras, and the iconic instant cameras. There are a few cameras and camcorders within the line-up that are able to withstand extreme conditions. The camcorders offer features like lightness and full HD video recording.


Toshiba specializes in providing camcorders and HD video cameras. Its products come with the capability of recording quality 1080 p videos and still photos. They have on-board video editing features and possess built-in Wi-Fi options for instant sharing on the Internet.


This American camera brand is new in market and features three different products that are meant for adventure photography. As a result, these come with the ability to withstand tough conditions. Outdoor, motorsports, and surfing are the accessory packages available for its camera range.


Casio has a line-up for different categories of cameras. High-speed, hybrid, point-and-shoot, and style focused cameras come into this American company’s portfolio. Geotagging and ability to shoot videos at 40 FPS are some of the features available within these cameras.


This company features a line-up of digital cameras, digital video recorders, and professional SLR cameras. There is also a long list of accessories for both digital and SLR cameras. High definition and underwater video cameras are some of the exclusive offerings of this brand.

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