21 Top Laptop Brands

The use of laptops has changed in such a way that it is not only about meeting the requirements of business people. There are now laptops to satisfy gaming and multimedia lovers. This is due to the presence of numerous laptop brands offering a variety of products to the consumer.

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This list provides the top laptop brands as per their popularity.


Apple’s laptop range consists of two major products – MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air offers performance while primarily focusing on portability. MacBook Pro concentrates on performance and portability at equal lengths. The MacBook Air comes in two different specifications offering 11-inch and 13-inch models, while MacBook Pro has 13-inch and 15-inch models. Both offerings run on apple’s own Operation system – OS X Mountain Lion.


Dell has an extensive range of laptops, which can also be customized according to customer preferences. The laptops at Dell come with screen sizes ranging from 10-inch ultrabooks to 18-inch multimedia oriented laptops. A variety of processors from the Intel Pentium Dual Core to 3rd Gen Intel Core i7. Touch, multimedia, gaming, and entertainment are the different categories present.


Lenovo’s laptop range consists of three major categories – Thinkpad, Ideapad, and Essential. They are built to focus on productivity, entertainment, and performance respectively all running on Windows 8. Each category comes with several products offering screen sizes and features according to the price, which starts from $399 to $1143. The company also features a collection of ultrabooks, also running on the Windows 8, as well.

Sony Vaio

Sony allows users to configure and build its VAIO laptops according to the requirements. There are also pre-configured laptops across three different ranges. Users can also shop for laptops based on their target field – business or education.


HP offers several types of laptops offering features oriented towards performance, entertainment, ready-to-ship, customizable, and business. Several related products and accessories like bags and cases are also present. These laptops come with both AMD and Intel processors.


Toshiba has laptops offering features to satisfy five major categories – performance, desktop replacement capability, 3D entertainment, gaming, low cost, portability, and ultrathin. The company provides a laptop choosing guide along with several accessories for the laptops itself.


Acer offers six different categories of laptops that suit a variety of requirements like entertainment, performance, portability, long battery life, and web surfing. Each laptop page comes with photos, videos, and 360° viewing abilities. A variety of support and accessories are also available.


Asus has laptops fitting into a variety of requirements like multimedia entertainment, gaming, performance, mobility, and business. It is possible to obtain extended warranty from the company on these laptops. The website of Asus allows different laptops to be compared against each other.


Samsung has 63 laptops that come under four different series. Each series specializes in offering various attributes like performance, portability, technology, and essential computing. There are also laptops that can act as a desktop replacement.


Fujitsu laptops come in three major categories that take care of requirements like portability, performance, and cost. It also has the laptop that can be converted into a tablet PC. The desktop replacement laptops start from $549, while expensive ones cost $899.


Gateway offers only two different categories of laptops. The NE series focuses on cost-effectiveness and usability, while the NV series comes with style, performance, and portability. Almost every product within this brand features LED display, HDMI port, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The brand is now part of Acer.


Vizio premium notebook comprises of features designed to get the maximum performance, while also offering a number of entertainment features as well. Features like the 3rd generation Intel Core processors and a battery life of more than seven hours are offered.


Panasonic specializes in offering laptops designed to handle the extreme conditions. Its range of toughbook laptops comes with the ability to withstand conditions either completely or partially. These laptops are also available for business users as well.

Gaming Laptop Brands

Razer Zone

This is a laptop that is intended for high-end gaming. It comes to the latest generation Intel Core i7 quad core processors along with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX series graphics card. Portability and the latest technologies are also the added benefits of this laptop.

Alien Ware

Part of the Dell Corporation, Alienware allows users to configure and customize high-performance laptops. It also has three different types of preconfigured laptops starting from $999. All the laptops come with dedicated graphics card and performance oriented processors.

Cyber PowerPC

This brand offers for different types of laptops offering screen sizes from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. Each laptop differs in their standout feature with some offering portability and some oriented towards performance. The high-end laptops run on the third generation Intel processors.


This laptop brand has screen sizes of 11, 15, and 17 inches being offered in four different categories. All the laptops specialize in offering maximum performance for gaming purposes. Laptops can also be customized depending upon the preferences on this site.

Main Gear

Maingear specializes in offering custom-built laptops that are mostly oriented towards performance and gaming. The laptops come with dedicated graphics from Nvidia along with the latest third-generation core processors from Intel. The prices of these laptops start from $949.

Origin PC

Originpc offers the ability to build custom made laptops that are suitable for gaming or professional use. Each laptop comes with dedicated service support from the company. The professional laptops come with the ability to offer more than seven hours of battery life.

Sagernote Book

Sagernotebook offers two major types of notebooks – gaming and workstation. The gaming laptops can be custom built to meet the high standards. It is possible to shop for laptops based on the screen sizes from 11.6 inches to 17 inches.


Msimobile laptops are meant for portability and performance. Its gaming laptops come with dedicated graphics support and high-end processors. The laptops meant for portability come with both Intel and AMD processors. The prices for these laptops start at $629.