15 Top Canada News Websites

News is one of the most searched aspects on the internet today. The news sites in Canada provide all the breaking and latest news not only from this region, but also from around the world. Most of the sites also offer sports and business news as well.

This list brings out the top news sites in Canada as per their traffic.

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This site from canadian broadcasting corporation offers news regarding aspects like politics, business, sport, technology, and entertainment. Special focus on the news from Canada is also provided. Each section comes with photo galleries, while some sections have blogs featuring high-profile bloggers. It is possible to view and hear content from the CBC TV and radio respectively. Weather information and forecasts are also available.

The Globe And Mail

The official site of the Globe and Mail newspaper focuses on national, political, and world news. It also offers news from Toronto and British Columbia as well. Business, investing, sports, entertainment, technology, and life style are the different aspects dealt on this site. Editorials, columnists, and debate are also offered on this site along with stock quotes as well.

The Star

Being the official site of the Toronto Star newspaper, this site offers most of the content from the newspaper like columns and blogs. It brings the latest news from Canada and around the world. One of its popular feature as a newspaper – Reader’s letters – is also present in this site. Business, sports, life, travel, and entertainment are the other major topics on this site.


The official site of the TSN sports channel, this provides on the breaking news and updates on all the major sports in Canada like ice hockey, soccer, NHL, NBA, and tennis. This site also provides the broadcast schedule, while offering the TSN Radio as well.


part of the Quebecor Media group, this site offers news from around the world that is offered in different sections like weird, crime, politics, and breaking news. The site also focuses on aspects like sport, showbiz, money, life, and travel in extensive detail.


La Presse offers news for French speaking people in Canada. The website offers local and global news in all categories such as tech, cinema, sports, business and more. It is part of French newspaper La Presse (founded in 1984) that is published from Mondays to Saturdays in Montreal and Quebec.

National post

This is part of the Postmedia Network Inc, and it provides news from Canada, the Middle East, and the world. Opinions from several high-profile columnists are also present alongside news about business, art, life, and sports. The site also offers pictures, videos, and graphics. Financial post is another news site from national post which is mainly focused on finance and business news.

Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun offers a wide range of news split up into sections like national, world, politics, education, health, weather, and environment. Letters, staff blogs, columns, and editorial aspects are also available alongside business, sport, and entertainment news. It has also a news section for Vancouver, Victoria and BC Area.

CTV News

This site offers news in video, pictures, and text format. The content on this site are mostly includes news from Canada and around the world. It has an extensive video library featuring different sections like entertainment and lifestyle along with the shows from the CTV news.

Huffington Post

This is the Canadian division of Huffington Post, and its content – apart from being Canada centric – is similar to the other regional sites. Politics, business, and world news are featured. Style, entertainment, and lifestyle are the other major sections.

Toronto Sun

This site provides news from major regions in Canada like Ontario and Toronto, while also focusing on the world news as well. There are several featured columnists offering their opinion on the news, while the site also accepts scoops and stories from the readers as well.

Radio Canada

Radio Canada is part of CBC network, which was founded in 1993. Radio Canada offers French language news from around the word and Canada. The site also offers sections like music, sports, tech, entertainment etc..

Montreal Gazette

The Montréal Gazette specializes in offering news from Montréal and Québec. It also has national and world news as well. Open editorials, letters, editorials, and columns are available as it is in the daily paper. Business, sports, and arts are the other categories discussed.


RDS.ca offers sports news in French speaking Canadians. It is part of Bell Media and serves more than 1 million visitors per month. It covers major sports sections in Canada such as hockey, baseball, football, boxing, basketball, soccer and more.

Calgary Herald

This site offers news from the Calgary region in Canada along with world news as well. Business, sport, life, and entertainment are the other major sections on the site. It provides access to popular TV shows online, while it also has an extensive video library.

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