50 Popular News Websites

More and more people are getting access to the Internet, which has meant that news websites have also grown in quantity and quality to cater to the requirements of the readers. Apart from offering the latest news, these websites also offer other content like analysis, opinions, features, blogs, classifieds, photos, videos, and audio.

Here are some of the best news sites in the world.


The official site of the British Broadcasting Corporation, this site provides all the international, business, health, technology, weather, and sport news under one roof. The extensive spread of the corporation means that this site offers news via the regions. The site also features regular blogs from high-ranking editors, features, and magazines. BBC also offers video updates through the iPlayer.


The official website of CNN covers all the latest news from all the corners of the globe. News from all continents is provided on this site, while it also offers business, entertainment, technology, travel, and world sport news as well. The site also provides information about the TV schedule on CNN. The editor’s choice brings out the best features and articles of the site.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post provides news about various aspects like politics, business, entertainment, technology, and breaking events. Comprehensive coverage is also given to the blogs written by high profile writers. The site also includes a healthy community for discussions. Video and other media are also available on Huffington Post. Live coverage is also provided to important events around the world.

NY Times

This is the online edition of the New York Times. The news available on this site is very similar to the one found on the print version. The site offers news from all the corners of the globe. Opinions, travel news, television, science, and regional news are some of the highlights of this site.

Daily Mail

The online edition of the British tabloid Daily Mail features many dedicated content to TV and showbiz. The site offers dedicated sections for news from the UK, the US, and India. Special sections provide news about health, money, science, and sports.

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Fox News

This online edition of Fox channel offers all the latest news and breaking events from around the world. The site provides special sections devoted to politics, entertainment, health, travel, lifestyle, and sports. Special sections are provided to videos and news from the US.

Google News

Unlike the major news websites, Google news is an aggregator of the news from top sites around the world. It is possible to sort the news based on the region or area of interest. Google news primarily covers world, business, sport, entertainment, technology, science, and health news.


This news site contains content from the two British tabloids – Observer and Guardian. The main area of the site deals with news from around the world. The site also has sections for in-depth covering of sport, technology, business, money, culture, and many more.

NBC News

This is the online edition of the NBC News and this owned by NBC Universal. This covers all the world and local news in general. Aside from the news, the site also provides stock quotes, sports news, weather updates, and videos from various shows on NBC.


This online edition of the British tabloid Telegraph provides news from Great Britain and from rest of the world. This new site also provides dedicated sections covering blogs and features from the editors, while there is also fashion, lifestyle, travel, culture, and financial news as well.

Wall Street Journal

This is the online edition of the American publication Wall Street Journal. The site provides in-depth news from major countries and regions around the world. It also focuses on real estate, technology, and job classifieds. A special section is dedicated to the opinions of high profile writers.


This is the online edition of the Forbes magazine. It offers news from around the world that is divided into channels like business, investing, technology, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle. Forbes.com also offers opinions and editorials along with its various lists.


Reuters.com provides all the world news along with focus on breaking events and business markets around the world. The site features opinions from the best-known writers. The site contains an extensive library of photos and videos.


CNN IBN is the collaboration between Cable News Network and Indian Broadcasting Network, which offers English news channel and internet news in Indian region. The site also have sections to offer news in Hindi and many other sections. The group also launched a separate news website FirstPost.com is 2011.

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Times of India

Run by the Times of India Group, this site is one of the largest and most popular in India. It features regularly updated news from India and the world. Spirituality, entertainment, sports, real estate, business, and live TV are some of the sections within the site.

Yahoo News

The division of Yahoo!, Yahoo! News is a site that offers news from the world in various divisions and sections. Entertainment, sports, politics, health, and science are some of the popular sections within Yahoo! News. Pictures and videos are also available on the site.

Bing News

Bing News is a division of the Bing search engine and it acts like an aggregator of news similar to Google news. This site provides information and news from the top sites in the world. The news can be sorted based on sections like science, sport, business, and entertainment.

Washington Post

Washington Post’s online edition offers local and world news in a comprehensive manner including breaking events. The site features classifieds for real estate and jobs. Other news covered on this site includes business, sports, technology, lifestyle, and entertainment.


This is the official website of the NDTV news channel. It offers in-depth coverage of news from India, while world news is also featured. The site features regular content from the news channel. City wise news is also available for the major Indian cities.

USA Today

This is the online edition of the most popular newspaper in the United States – USA Today. The site focuses on a wide range of aspects like technology, lifestyle, sports, travel, and world news. It also provides weather information along with opinions and features.


Bloomberg.com is a division of Bloomberg L.P that largely focuses on the business and money markets across the world. The site features a collection of news from around the world with focus on the markets. Bloomberg TV is available on this news site.

LA Times

This is the online edition of the LA times and it features breaking news, US News, and world news as its chief content. It also offers sports, weather, traffic, games, health, movies, music, and travel news. The site also features classifieds for jobs and real estate.


This online version of the Time magazine offers news headlines and articles from around the world. The site has other content like business and technology news, while opinions from the editors are also featured. Images and videos are also present on the site.


This site offers news from around the world provided by a team of 25 journalists. This is the third most popular news site in Australia. It covers aspects like horoscopes, food reviews, travel advices, real estate opportunities, and investment tips aside from the news.

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The Sun

This is the online version of the British tabloid and the most popular newspaper in the United Kingdom – the Sun. This site focuses more on showbiz and sports, while world news is also given importance. Politics and weather are also discussed on the Sun.

CBS News

The CBS News Channel runs cbsnews.com. It offers all the latest updates of all the local and world events and news. It also offers investment tips, market news, health tips, sports news, podcasts, and videos from the CBS news channel.

ABC News

Run by the ABC news channel, the site provides all the latest news from the US and the world. Investigative features are provided a dedicated section on the site. Recipes and the various TV shows from the ABC News channel are also available.

NY News Daily

Daily news new york is another most circulated newspaper founded in 1919 and their online edition offers news about NY, USA and around the world on travel, business, health and more.

Sydney Morning Herald

This online edition of one of the most popular Australian newspaper – Sydney morning Herald – provides regular updates on the local and world news. It provides the Sydney traffic information, car news, and entertainment news. It has classifieds of jobs, cars, and real estate.

Sky News

This is a news website from British news broadcaster Sky News and part of “British Sky Broadcasting” group. They also have satellite TV network in NZ, Australia, Canada and Ireland. The online website offers news around UK, US and International Events. SkySportrs is yet another sport news website from this group offering sport news on UK and world wide events.

Bloomberg Businessweek

This is the online version of the US magazine run by the Bloomberg L.P Corporation. It primarily focuses on the economic news. Special sections are provided to global economics and tips for small businesses. The site also covers business schools from the US.


This site provides news from Great Britain along with world news. It features a section called voice to feature the best opinions and features. It offers tips and tools to make the most out of money. Sports news and blogs are also available on this site.

China Daily

This is the online edition of the China daily newspaper, and the Chinese State government runs it. The site covers news from China and around the world. Aside from the news, it also features opinions and covers sections like business, sport, and travel.

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San Francisco Chronicle is a newspaper in San Francisco and many areas in California. Their online version SFGate.com offers news around the world. SFGate is US’s one of the most circulated newspaper.

Hindustan Times

This new site provides comprehensive coverage of the events and happenings in India, while world news is also provided. Aside from news, the site also offers comprehensive inventories for jobs, real estate, matrimonial, and hotels. Entertainment and sports news are also covered.


NY Post (New York Pos) is considered as one of the oldest newspaper in US. Offers news, sports updates, gossips, entertainment news, photos and videos on their online edition.

The Hindu

This online version of the largest newspaper in India – the Hindu – features comprehensive coverage of the events and news in India. World, business, sport, and technology news are also covered on the site. The content can be selected on the basis of major cities as well.

Financial Times

This online arm of the business newspaper – Financial Times – provides comprehensive coverage of the global markets and financial news around the world. The site also provides information and rankings of the business schools around the world.


This is the online arm of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and it has been online in various iterations since 1993. It covers both the radio and television shows of the CBC. Sports, entertainment, and music are covered in extensive sections.

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This is the official website of the Australian broadcasting Corporation. It has been online since 1995 and claims to be the most popular website in Australia. It offers complete and in-depth coverage of the local and world news, while also concentrating on sport, entertainment, and business.


This is a South African news website that primarily focuses on news from this region. The site is run by 24.com, and it offers news from other areas like sport, entertainment, and technology. Extensive sections are dedicated towards careers, health, and property.

The Economist

Offering in-depth coverage of both the business news around the world, this online edition of the UK magazine – the Economist, is a popular business news site. It also covers world of politics, science and technology, and economics. The site also publishes rankings of the business schools.

World News

This is a news aggregator that has been online since 1998. It provides news from reputed sites from around the world is like BBC, Washington Post, and CNN. The site covers a range of topics like films, business, sports, and music.

The Age

The Age is a daily broadsheet published in Australia and based in Melbourne. It is part of Aussie media group ” Fairfax Media” which also own sydney morning herald. The print edition of The Age is available in Victoria, ACT and certain regions of NSW and SA only.

The Globe and mail

This is the online edition of the Canada’s largest newspaper – the Globe and Mail. It provides breaking news and analysis from around the world. Business news and in-depth analysis also provided. Sport and entertainment are some of the other popular sections on this site.

International Business Times

This is one of the leading business news sites in the world, and it is offered in 10 different editions across the world. It features business news, opinions, and analysis. In-depth coverage of the markets from around the world is also available.

The Business Journal

This is a division of the American City Business Journals newspaper. It mainly offers business news from the United States, while also covering business events by the cities. A comprehensive jobs classified is also available.

Al Jazeera

Aljazeera.com is the part of Aljazeera and JSC (Jazeera Satellite Channel), which is Doha, Qatar based news channel. The channel was launched in 1996 as Arabic news channel and later also expanded to multiple languages. They launched their online news site in 2003. The site is known for their coverage in Afghanistan War and 2003 Iraq War. In early 2013, they acquired American news Channel “Current TV” and announced to launch “Al Jazeera America” TV channel.

The Star

This is the division of the star media group, and it shares most of the content with the Toronto Star – Canada’s leading newspaper. Aside from providing the world news, this site also has columns, blogs, investigations, and entertainment sections.

Business Standard

It is the Indian business website covering the business news from India and important financial regions around the world. The site offers regular opinions and analysis of the various issues within the global business world.