20 Popular French Shopping Websites

The shopping websites in France for a plethora of categories unique to the French nation along with several other products that are available in all parts of the world. Several popular online stores have French specific divisions as well, which explains the popularity of online shopping in France.

This is a list of the top France shopping sites according to their popularity.

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Amazon France


This French division of the American company Amazon features products like books, music, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, computer products, clothing, accessories, kitchen products, and several other appliances. The products can also be sold by the users as well, while gift certificates are available too.

Ebay France


The French division of eBay features products sold by online sellers, which can be either available in auction or buy-it-now formats. The site also features a very popular community board, while books, electronics, automotive, and garden supplies are the major categories available.

Vente Privee


This company specializes in offering premium luxury brands from USA and Europe at discount rates. The products from these brands are available in several deals that are available on a daily basis. The site is jointly run by the American Express and Vente-privee. They are in business since 2001.


This site primarily offers electronic products of various categories, but it also has products belonging to categories like clothing, food, and jewelry as well. Camcorders, television, cameras, mobile phones, and household appliances are some of the chief categories of this site.


This website is the official site of the entertainment retail chain “Fédération Nationale d’Achats des Cadres”, which started in 1954, that specializes in offering electronic and cultural products. The site has aspects like the gift idea section that offers gift ideas for men, women, and kids.

Pixmania France

Present in several other European countries in different languages, this site offers online shopping for a variety of electronic goods like camcorders, cameras, video game consoles, DVDs, and tablet PCs. Jewelry, fashion, and clothing are also present.

La Redoute

This site specializes in offering clothing for a variety of solutions. The clothing products are available for men, women, and children. Lingerie, shoes, linen products, and plus size clothing are some of the other products available along with electronic goods as well.

Price Minister

This site is part of the Japanese Rakuten group and it currently runs in the US as buy.com. This site specializes in offering electronic goods of various types like music instruments, video game consoles, computer products, and mobile phone GPS devices.

Rue du Commerce

This site offers a comprehensive collection of electronic products including several products necessary for a computer – main components like processors and memory, peripherals like printers and scanners, and accessories. Television sets, audio equipment, and camcorders are also present on the site.

Le Guide

This site claims to offer almost 20 million products across several different electronic categories like appliances, television sets, computer products, and mobile phones. The products are offered from more than 20,000 verified merchants. Deals are provided in a separate section, while the site also has a discussion board.

3 Suisses

This site offers an extensive collection of inner wear and outerwear for men, women, and kids. Shoes, lingerie, and several body products are available along with electronic goods, entertainment products, and toys. The shopping can also be done on the basis of brands as well.


Aside from providing last-minute deals, festive deals, and gift ideas, the site also provides a whole range of electronic goods like computers, computer accessories, gaming devices, home theaters, audio equipment, and Hi-Fi audio solutions. There are several beauty and wellness products available as well.


There are several guides and tips are available for online shopping at this site, which has several products like multimedia devices, small appliances, bigger appliances, gift cards, travel products, and toys. Each product comes with detailed description, several pictures, and any offers currently available.

Groupon France

This is a site offering daily deals on various aspects like shopping and travel. Deals are also available on group purchases, while the device can also be organized on the basis of several cities like Paris and Lyon.


This online store houses shoes of various types like boots, pumps, and baskets for men, women, and children. Several clothing solutions like sweaters, jeans, and jackets are also available for both sexes. Accessories like watches, necklaces, and bags are available too.


This French division of Spartoo specializes in providing shoes for men, women, and children. Other products available on the site include bags, watches, and jewelry, while it claims to have more than 760 brands products available in its store.


This site specializes in offering only electronic goods concerning aspects like computers, mobile phones, television sets, and GPS devices. It also has several software solutions like AutoCAD, antivirus, and Office Suites available as well. Consumables like printer cartridges are also present.


Cherchons.com is a price comparison website and place to find products with best online price. The site claims to receive more than 2.5 million visitors. It has all major sections like sports, home, baby, consumer electronics.

Magasin Castorama

There are several interior and outdoor decoration products like lighting, flooring, paint, and wall tiles available at this store along with several workshop materials for aspects like heating, cooling, plumbing, air conditioning, and geysers. There are also several outdoor decoration products like furniture as well.

ASOS France

UK based online only fashion brand also has their presence in France. Offers fashion garments including lingerie, shoes, dresses, jeans, t-shirts and shirts for men and women. ASOS launched in France in 2010 and quickly became popular.

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