21 Best Genealogy Websites

Genealogy – or the study of family origins and history – has been in prevalence for a long time. Recently, there has been growth of numerous websites that allow users to perform the same studies online along with other information that can also be stored in user-created profiles as well.

This is a list of the top genealogy websites according to their traffic.

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This website allows users to discover the family history and origin using aspects like name, age, and gender. The genealogy study can be made either from father’s or mother’s side. The site has a wealth of information ranging from census lists to military and immigration records. It also allows users to learn about DNA studies, while there are also numerous webinars present as well. Also available for UK, Canada and Australia.

My Heritage

Started in 2003, this social network service allows users to create family trees and also share them. It claims to have more than 1 billion profiles as of 2012. It also provides access to a family tree building software that is available for free. Discussion boards and DNA testing services are also provided along with a database of aspects like births, marriages, deaths, and census lists.

Family Search

This site provides free access to the records of family histories and geology studies. It claims to have records for more than 1 billion names, while it has its presence in 70 countries around the world. The records included details like birth, marriage, residence, military, and death. There are also several learning resources available in the form of discussion boards, courses, and free articles.


Started in 2007, this social networking site offers the ability to create family trees and family profiles. Some of the aspects of a family tree can be shared with other users. It claims to connect more than 60 million users around the world.


This site claims to have more than 2.5 billion records that allow users to search for the ancestors and build a family tree using parameters like birth, death, historic events, and divorce. The site was started in 2009.

Cyndi’s List

With more than 300k links related to Genealogy and family history, Cyndi’s list is one of the best Genealogy resource. The well edited resource can be useful to anyone looking for various Genealogy related pages.


Started in 1996, this site claims to have more than 2 million members. The users have the ability to start an online family tree. The origin and popularity of a surname can also be deduced along with several information about genealogy studies.


This site helps users find information about the ancestors based on their first and last names. Other resources at the site include the ability to create a family tree, discuss and share with other members on the discussion board, and learn about genealogy.


This site provides tips and resources for genealogists along with database of several immigration and census events. Details about land records are also present on this site along with aspects like the information about the upcoming events and online research tools.


Myfamily.com is a paid networking site that allows users to share photos and videos with family members, while providing the possibility to schedule events. A discussion board is present to interact with other members, while social networking integration is also offered.

Genealogy Bank

This site provides access to more than 1 billion records across 50 states in the United States. It has ancestral records dating back to more than 300 years, while even US military records can also be accessed in order to build the family tree.

Find My Past

This site specializes in helping users from the UK build the family tree. The historical records at this site include census collections, birth, death, and marriage records, travel records for more than 20 million passengers and military records as well. Also available for Ireland, US and Australia.

Ancient Faces

Started in 2000, this site aims to build a historical database through vintage stories and pictures from people. It is possible to search for relatives based on their full names. This is a completely free genealogy site.

Family Tree DNA

Users are given the ability to test their DNA at this site with the view of tracing the ancestral roots. The major products include the ability to find the maternal line, relatives across various lines, and the possibility of sharing a parental line.

Genes Reunited UK

This site claims to have a database of more than 500 million records of families from the United Kingdom. The records can be accessed by aspects like forename, surname, and birth year. Family trees can be created for free at the site.

About.com Genealogy

This section of about.com offers detailed information about genealogy through several articles, pictures and videos. The articles are spread across various aspects like database, records, historical research, and performing genealogy studies. It also provides information about sharing and preserving the family history.


Claiming to offer more than 6 billion names in its database, this site acts as a search engine to trace the family history. Alerts can be prescribed when the system finds matches depending upon numerous details.

World Vital Records

There are different databases available at this site that helps trace the family history and ancestry. The databases include the likes of military, census, birth, school year, Social Security death index, and immigration records from various years.

Wiki Tree

Started in 2008, this community hopes to achieve a giant single family tree. The community is available for both genealogists and family members. It claims to have more than 57,000 members who have contributed to the 4 million profiles.


This website specializes in offering Jewish genealogical data and records. The data on this site is primarily provided by volunteers. It has numerous research tools and resources designed to create family trees for Jews, while also offering an online community as well.


Offering more than a billion records, this site allows users to create and share family trees. The members can also include various aspects like pictures and biographies as well. Free geology software, date converters, and instructional material are also present.

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