17 Popular German News Sites

Like any other resource on the Internet news forms a large segment of searches made by people over the Internet. There are several news websites in germany, which have come up both globally and regionally across the globe.

The list below provides a comprehensive list of top German news sites. They are ranked according to its popularity.

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Also known as SPON, Spiegel Online is one of the online versions of the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel. It offers the latest news from around the world, covering politics, culture, economy, sports, business and other developments. The site is among the very old news websites, which has been live since the year 1994.



The website is the online version of the Bild newspaper which is a German tabloid published by Axel Springer AG. The website keeps the readers informed with the current developments around the world featuring everything from politics to weather.



The website offers news from the world of business, politics, sports, culture and everything that comes under the head of news. It is the web-portal of Telecom Germany GmbH, which besides being an informational portal provides services such as free email to its visitors as well.


Welt is the online version of the German daily newspaper Die Welt which means the world. Sports, business, economy, culture, weather, and politics are some of the fields in which Die Welt offers news.


This is a website offering news not only on national matters but also on the international changes and developments. It is the online edition of FOCUS, which is a popular German weekly magazine.


N-TV is owned by the Bertelsmann AG Media’s RTL group and is an affiliate network of the CNN news network since 1992. Besides providing news from across the globe it provides constant coverage of the major indices.


Zeit Online offers news not only from Germany, but from all over the world covering. An online version of the German Daily named Die Zeit it also features videos from selected events.


News portal of the ARD group has a strong team of more than 20 journalists managing its contents since 2011. Tagesschau gives stiff competition to sites like Spiegel Online and faz.net.


FAZ is abbreviation of “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, which covers news on almost all the incidents and events of international importance, starting from political scenario of the nation and of the world that includes sports, business, trade, health and education.

Deutsche Welle

Popular for its news broadcasts, internet, satellite radio in 30 languages Dw.de is promoted by Deutsche Welle which features news German news in English for the global audience. It is more popular outside Germany for news about Germany in English language.


Focusing primarily on the fields of business and finance, the website is the web portal of the famous newspaper Handelsblatt which is published in Düsseldorf by the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt.


Deviating from the more conventional websites offering news, the website Golem provides you with IT and Tech news. The website belongs to Klass & Ihlenfeld Verlag GmbH which also features a video and photo portal.


Finanzen is a dedicated site to cover finance & business news and is promoted by Axel Springer AG. In the month of August 2011 the site created a record of 14 million visitors and about 2 million unique users.


Complimenting its print version the online version of Rheinische Post presents news from all over the world. The site is portal offers many other sections including shopping, classified, local news and more.


Popularly known as Deutschland Sky is a 100% subsidiary of Sky TV Germany GmbH & Co. As a package, the site offers up to forty channels that cover news in almost all fields.


The website has quite a number of sections devoted to sports, culture, and entertainment. It is the online edition of Express a regional tabloid newspaper from Cologne.


Der Western is the Internet portal of the WAZ Media Group that brings together the papers of the publishing group. The site specializes in providing the latest news on politics, sports and the region.

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