15 Popular UK News Websites

The new sites in the United Kingdom cover a variety of aspects like politics, sport, business, and religion. There are a few sites that are especially more popular than the others due to the quality of the content.

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This list offers the top news websites in the UK according to their traffic.


This site from BBC (British broadcasting corp.) provides all the latest news from the UK and from around the world. Sport, business, entertainment, health, travel, science, and environment are some of the different sections of news available on this site. The site is available in several different languages that are popular in the UK. Weather information and access to the local BBC radio stations are also provided.

Mail Online

Daily Mail is a leading newspaper in UK and their website provides all the major news from the United Kingdom, while also focusing on popular and interesting news from the world. Sport, TV, showbiz, health, science, money, and travel are some of the popular sections on this site. The in-house columnists discuss every major talking point, while the site has several blogs and job listings.

The Guardian

The official site of the Guardian newspaper features news from the UK, world, and the US with greater importance. Other types of sections available on this site include society, education, politics, media, and football news. Several contributors feature regularly on the ‘comment is free’ section that discusses various aspects from around the world. The site also has numerous videos as well.


The official site of one of the oldest newspapers in the UK, this site features news from the UK that covers various aspects like politics, education, science, defense, health, and celebrities. News about the Royal family is also provided.


The UK version of the Reuters features breaking news from around the world. It also offers business, finance, and investment news as well. Information about the global markets is offered along with individual charting histories. Several pictures and videos are also present.

The Sun

The Sun primarily provides breaking, crime, politics, and the latest news from the UK. Sport and showbiz are two sections that are also complete with news covering aspects like football, rugby, celebrities, TV, film, and music. There are several viral videos also offered.

Sky News

This site primarily focuses on offering news about sports and entertainment, while the latest news from around the world is also offered. All the news is offered in the form of videos, while detailed information about the Sky broadcasting service is also provided.

The Independent

Aside from discussing news from the UK, the site also has news from around the world. Business, people, science, environment, media, technology, and education news is also offered. Football is news is dealt with through a dedicated section.

Sky Sports

This site offers sports news covering various sports like football, F1, cricket, rugby, golf, boxing, tennis, and cycling. Radio and video content is also provided along with several opinions and blogs from high profile pundits and critics in the game.

Financial Times

This site primarily focuses on the business news from the UK and from around the world. Markets, global economy, and industry news form part of the site. The market data comprises of all the indices information that is offered along with charts.


A site from Daily Mirror newspaper specializes in providing the latest and weird news from around the world. The news from the UK is also provided along with several aspects like real-life stories, crime, and world news. Sport, lifestyle, and money are the other major sections at this site.

1Digital Spy

This site offers primarily entertainment, media, and showbiz news. The site features interviews from several high-profile names in the respective industries, while there are numerous videos and blogs available as well. Several spoilers are also present along with videos.

Huffington Post UK

The UK version of the Huffington Post provides all the latest news from the UK along with opinions of the same from several columnists. Politics, sport, and entertainment news are the major sections on this site, while aspects like celebrities and entertainment news are also present.

The Register

The Register is a site that primarily offers science and technology news. This news is provided in various sections like cloud, datacenter, software, and hardware. A discussion board is also part of the site. Each news is offered along with the related multimedia content.

News Now

Newsnow is a news-aggregating site that offers all the latest news in different sections like hot topics, current affairs, world news, business news, and sports news. It is possible to customize the news feed in any different section.

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