20 Top Italian Shopping Websites

Italy is a country known for its fashion and shopping heritage. Hence, it is not surprising to know that there are numerous shopping sites that endear to the public. The shopping sites for the Italian customers not only specialize in fashion products, but a wide range of categories as well.

This is a list of the top Italian shopping sites according to their popularity.

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Ebay Italy


This is the Italian division of the American company that specializes in consumer-to-consumer operations. Products are available in both buy-it-now and auction formats. They are available from the sellers in various categories like fashion, home decoration items, furniture, engines, electronic goods, and consumer electronics.

Amazon Italy


This is a global marketplace and ecommerce leader specializing in products from various categories like books, electronics, music, fashion, and movies. This site also offers the ability to send gift certificates to other people, which can later be redeemed on the site. Users can also sell their products as well.

Groupon Italy


This is a site specializing in offering daily deals across a wide range of categories like travel, shopping, and dining out. It also offers deals on products that are purchased in bulk. It is possible to sort the deals depending upon the major cities in Italy.


This division of the Italian portal that started in 1996 specializes in providing goods from a wide range of categories like electronics, books, appliances, fashion, and office products. It acts as a search engine to provide prices and other information from the online stores.


Started in 1999, this site specializes in offering price and other information of product through the online stores on which it is sold. The site has partnership with several Italy’s leading portal Tiscali Shopping which also offer similar price comparison service from data provided by Kelkoo.


This is a search engine that offers the prices of products put up in different online stores across Italy. The products covered on this site include everything from audio and video equipment to cars and motorcycles.


This site specializes in offering discounts and deals on various products and services. Travel, leisure, and shopping are the major categories of deals offered, while they can also be viewed on the basis of major cities like Rome and Milan. They have presence in European countries Spain and Italy only.


This site specializes in providing clothing solutions for men, women, and children. It also has the latest news from the fashion world. Shoes, accessories, and sportswear are also present at this store along with several premium products as well.


This site offers books ranging from educational to entertainment, books, movies, videos, music, and games. It is also possible to download these directly onto the computer. The site also provides the top 50 and 100 lists in every category.

Pixmania Italy

Aside from selling products belonging to several categories like electronic goods, home appliances, and fashion products, this site also offers services like warranties and insurance products. There are several sports brands like Adidas and Nike offering their products on this store.


This Italian version of the European website specializes in offering comparison shopping and reviews of various products available online. Reviews are available in the form of writings and videos. The site also provides the top five products in each category.

FNAC Italy

This online store specializes in a variety of electronic goods like console games, computer software, TV, home cinema, and cameras. It also has several collections of books and stationery items. The products are also available in gift boxes as well.


This is a site specializing in offering shoes for all genders and ages. It has different varieties of shoes along with the latest news from the fashion industry. It currently offers more than 640 brands of shoes to choose from.


The Italian division of this European electronic store features Blu-ray and DVD discs featuring movies, music, and games. Online purchasing facility of the same is also available. The site also provides all the latest news from the electronic world and it has a discussion board as well.

La Redoute

This site specializes in the fashion products like clothing and accessories for men, women, kids, and babies. The site features products from the best names in fashion like Anne Weyburn and Laura Clement. Brands like Adidas, Pepe, and Nike are also available.


This online store is operated from Milan and it has more than € 100 million of revenue per year. The store was established in 2007 and it offers sales only through invitation. It currently has its presence across nine European countries along with Italy.

Vente Privee Italy

This is a members-only shopping club offers deals and huge discounts on branded fashion, home and lifestyle product. This ecommerce company is based in France but have presence in few other European countries. They have strategic partnership with American Express and offer deals and discounts sometime as low as 70% price.


ePrice specialize in high tech products including consumer electronics, home and office, toys and more. The site is part of Banzai group which also own another ecommerce website SaldiPrivati mentioned above. ePrice also has pick and pay network in 40 different cities in Italy. They claim to sell more than 300000 products on their online store.


Prezzofelice is a group buying and daily deal website. They offers deals on various categories such as travels, electronics, beauty etc. According to a claim made on their website, more than 150 million euros spent by their users so far.

Let’s Bonus

Let’s Bonus is a daily deal website from LivingSocial group. The company LivingSocial acquired majority stake in 2011 to enter in European and Latin american market. Let’s Bonus operates in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

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