20 Top Italian News Websites

Italy is one of the top regions in the world where people have a lot of access to Internet. Hence, it is not surprising to learn that there are numerous news websites focusing on news from various regions across Italy and indeed from the world.

This is a list of the top Italian news websites according to the traffic.

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La Repubblica


This is a new site that offers news from Italy and around the world. Aside from this, it also focuses on the aspects like economics, finance, sports, technology, health, culture, and travel. There are several classifieds and the latest weather updates offered as well.

Il Corriere Della Sera


Updated several times a day, this site offers news on aspects like the economy, culture, sports, technology, and the breaking news. The site offers news in the video format as well, while multimedia like pictures and opinions also present as well.



This site specializes in offering news across various medium like the latest news, news about women, finance, gossip, weather, and sports. It has a community-oriented section that offers aspects like photos, chat options, and blogs. Classifieds also forms an important part of this site. It is part of Italian portal libero.it


Offering information about aspects like cars, motorcycles, women, finance, and cinema, this site also focuses on the latest news from Italy and the world. It offers users the ability to open a mail account and it has a discussion board as well.

Gazzetta dello Sport

This site specializes in offering sports news covering various sports like football, F1, baseball, tennis, and cycling. Breaking news, opinions, and blogs are present and updated on a regular basis. The site also has an extensive collection of multimedia life pictures and videos.


This site provides news on aspects like the government policies, foreign policies, economy, social news, science news and interviews with major personalities. News is also offered in the form of videos as well, while sports are also an extensively covered section.

Il Sole 24 Ore

This site specializes in offering news about the business and finance. Even though it specializes in the news from the Italian region, other major news from around the world is also offered. Currencies, market data, and stock quotes are some of the features of this site.


This site specializes in offering regional news from the likes of Sicily, Lazio, and Umbria in Italy. It also has world news as well. Other sections on the site provide news on aspects like sport, economy, and movies.

Sky News

The Italian division of the sky news specializes in offering news about various sports. It also has the latest news, breaking news, and other news from Italy and other parts of the world. It has also several videos as well.

Il Fatto Quotidiano

This new site is updated several times a day, and it features aspects like politics, economics, justice, environment, sports, and government policies. There are also several blogs written by the editors, while the site also features a comprehensive photo and video collection as well.

La Stampa

This is a comprehensive new site featuring news from almost every category like Italian and world news along with several other categories like sport, markets, culture, and economy. All the news is offered with related content like pictures and videos.


This is a site specializing in offering news from Italy along with several news from the world, economics, politics, and sports. Some of the dedicated sections on the site cater to the categories like football, travel, TV, and movies.


This is a news portal offering news about aspects like politics, money, taxes, fashion, movies, sport, health, and travel. Several features for the community are also present through blogs, pictures, and videos as well.

Corriere dello Sport

This site specializes in offering news about the various sports that are popular in Italy. This includes sports like football, F1, rallying, basketball, and volleyball. Betting information is also provided on these sports along with pictures and videos.

Tutto Sport

Aside from focusing on news from various sports like a football, rallying, basketball, and tennis, this site also provides exclusive information and news about Juventus football club. The site also has several pictures, blogs, and videos as well.

Il Centro

This site specializes in providing news from the Pescara region in Italy. It also has sport news as well along with several classifieds and online stores. Weather information is also provided in great detail along with photos and videos.

Il Messaggero

This news portal offers news from various categories like economy, culture, sports, technology, fashion, and world news. All happening events in major cities across Italy are also provided. Reviews of automobiles and access to important television shows are also provided.


The site is from Milan based, Italian Broadsheet “il Giornale”, which covers news on politics, national and internation affairs, tech, sport and much more. It also has sections like opinion, videos and photos covering news around the world.


An online news site from free daily newspaper Leggo covers news, blogs, lifestyle, sports news and more. Their print edition publishes from more than 15 locations of Italy.

Huffington Post

Huffington post publishes news in association of Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso, which is a leading media group in Italy. They covers variety of topics including fashion, economy and more.

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