27 Best Music Websites

With almost everything being available over the internet music is something which is one of the important things searched online. Seeking the high level of searches various companies have come in the limelight for making innovative websites and making music available to the masses directly to their gadgets.

Some of the popular sites have been discussed below:

1. Pandora

This site has consistently been the most popular radio station site. Blending its collection of rock music with the soft numbers, the new with the old ones, it has always thrilled the listeners of all age group. The collection contains all that come under the genre of music ranging from vocals moving on straight to instruments.

2. Last.fm

It is a music search engine where you can find the songs of your favourite artists and browse to find more. You can also access videos and update yourself by knowing the events to come in last.fm. It even lets you express your views through articles once you create a profile with the site.

3. Grooveshark

It is one of the most accessed radio station sites. You can listen to over millions of songs and create your own playlist. It surely allows you to explore more and new music/songs besides giving you the access to the videos for the songs played.

4. Tunein

This is one of those radio station sites that enable you to access all the radio stations worldwide according to your location. Through tunein you can find even the most obscure stations. The site supersedes those of its kind by helping the user to browse any song or video or related articles by putting in the name of the artist.

5. Spotify

It takes you through its vast collection of music albums and music videos where you get to choose your favourite numbers. You can create your own playlist on Spotify and entertain yourself as well as your friends and family. It is the biggest ever streaming music site where you can share playlist with your friends through emails or social networking sites.

6. iHeartRadio

By far the biggest and best ever radio station site with a huge visitor base. iHeartRadio creates a separate station for you where you get to hear all the songs by that artist or all the similar songs as the one you chose. The collection range is vast that consists of classics, folks, rock pop music and many more.

7. Jango.com

Jango is a part of Jango music network. The website is online since 2007 and based in newyork offering various radio stations online. Jango is a social music website where users can listen custom music station, create and share music. They also have a program called Jango Airplay where artists can promote their music.

8. Yahoo Music

Powered by one of the internet giants ‘’Yahoo’’ this is among the most popular places for the music freaks. This site has virtually everything related to music which includes music news, music releases, selected online radio stations, photos of music artists, and everything which you would have ever searched for music over the internet.

9. Aol Music

One of the oldest and biggest sites in the field of music and its related news AOL provides you with radio, music videos and numerous other resources related to music. In Aol Radio you get to search your favourite songs and favourite artists. Other than vocals, you can also listen to the various instruments and view the videos as well.

10. Gaana

This site virtually has everything which you might have searched for in a website offering you music, music reviews, access to old and new Bollywood songs, etc. Besides International and Hindi songs the site also gives access to regional songs such as Kannad, Bengali, etc.

11. Shoutcast

The site comes with unique features and the only thing you require is to enter the name of the song that you wish to listen or that of an artist and you get it. With over 50,000 radio stations and a listener base of over 0.5 million it is probably one of the biggest music sites around.

12. Soundcloud

This site which has been especially been built for the androids and iPhones is referred to as a social sound platform. At this place people can create sounds and share them wherever they want. It allows you to share your music privately on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Foursquare with just a click.

13. 8tracks

Being a popular radio site it allows you to create your own mix online that contains a minimum of 8 tracks and share your creation on social networking sites or even listen to a mix created by others shared online. The playlist becomes a crafted one as you can insert descriptions with art before you share that online.

14. Live365

It contains as many as two hundred and sixty genres of music and as many as five thousands broadcasters. The site provides a ground for the budding new artists as well as they get to share their creation online with the world.

15. Radio.com

With over 450 radio stations to refresh you this site has all your favourite songs. The advanced search option allows you to search for your preferred music by simply entering the name of the artist. Along with providing you the online source of listening to music it features regular updates from the world of music.

16. eMusic

Featuring over 13 million songs that can downloaded and played on your computer this is one of the biggest database for music on the internet. Besides just music the site presents you with latest news and reviews from the world of music, audio books, and more.

17. Playlist.com

The site introduces you to the vast, limitless world of music. They contain a good number of songs that include rock, jazz, electronic, pop, classics, and the list continues. So with playlist.com make your own playlists and share them on the social networking sites with your friends, family and the whole world.

18. Rdio

A site with over 15 million songs and the collection which ranges from classics, going through the light numbers and reaching down to the rock numbers. Today it is available to more than a dozen countries across the globe and lets you listen to real time music besides sharing them over all the social Networking websites.

19. Rhapsody

This site is an ultimate Jukebox which presents you with 14 million songs to choose from. However to listen to music available at the site you need to subscribe with at least a minimal of $10 per month. Songs could be accessed through a computer, portable devices, or other compatible devices which you may have.

20. Hypem

A dedicated site which keeps a track of the updates made by the music bloggers. The site indulges in collecting some of the best music blogs and shares the contents available with other things of analysis, and comments on them. It simply makes you aware of the latest music and awesome music blogs online.

21. Jamendo

When it comes to searching music online this has one of the largest collection online. Besides giving you the access 350,000 music tracks on their website they also list down access to several radio stations for almost every genre and mood.

22. Sterogum

A virtually paradise for the music lovers is what this site could be referred to as. It presents you MP3 streaming of the popular music, features latest as well as old videos of songs and artists, gives you news and reviews from the world of music, and much more for everything related to music.

23. Slacker

As the developers say it is your very own personal radio. With access to thousands of radio stations it streams music over the internet. This site is available to the users of computer, blackberry, apple, or any other gadget which is compatible with it.

24. MOG

Be it listening to your music through your computer over the internet or while on the move through your cellphone, MOG is one of those sites which give you the license to listen to unlimited music and that too for free. With a database of over 15 million songs it virtually has every song you might search for.

25. StereoMood

This can be referred to as your free emotional internet radio. At this site you are suggested the music to listen which best suits your mood. It’s by far one of the most creative tools where you can create your playlists suiting every occasion.

26. BillBoard.com

BillBoard.com is a site from Billboard magazine. This music news website offer breaking news about music industry, top charts, music reviews and much more. The online version of website is since 1995. Their top charts includes “Hot 100”, “BillBoard 200” and “Social 50”

27. AllMusic.com

AllMusic.com earlier known as All music guide or AMG is not a streaming music website. It only provides recommendations, guides, reviews etc.. Users can explore music by popular moods or popular themes categories.

With the above sites the access to both old and new music has been simplified in a great way. They not only serve as a big resource but have tremendously solved the issue of having every type of music anywhere and everywhere.

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