Top 30 Online Backup Solutions

Regularly backing up important personal or business data is one of the most important things as there is every chance that the several ways in which the data in one’s computer gets deleted or destroyed. Although there are ways through which you can back up important files and data, doing so on a regular basis is not feasible. Following are the best services which can help in backing up your important data. Many of them even automate online backup and syncing with other computers or devices.

1. DropBox

Dropbox started in 2007 and offers cloud storage and online synchronization services. It offers 2GB online data storage and cross platform clients to sync data. Users can refer other users and get 250 MB more data per referral for up to 8 GB data. They also have paid plans for online storage of 25 GB or more. Dropbox currently offered for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry OS. Upon installation, dropbox create a folder in computer where it sync data with online dropbox account. Dropbox quickly became very popular solution for content sharing and online syncing among users due to its easy to use and flexible system.

Services: Online storage, Online backup, File synchronization, File sharing, File hosting

2. was earlier known as and it has business model similar to Dropbox. offers solution for personal, business and Enterprise level businesses. It offers free account with 5 GB online data storage. offers online file storage and access from other devices.

Services: Online storage, Online backup, File synchronization, File sharing, File hosting


iCloud is don’t allow file sharing or file hosting directly just like all other online backup services does. However it offers backup and syncing of contacts, emails, documents, photo streams, applications, iTunes, music and iBooks through iCloud between various devices. Users can sync data through Wi-Fi connection from one device to another through iCloud. It is currently available for PC, Mac and iOS based devices only. User can create an Apple ID and each account can get storage space of 5GB for free.

Services: Online contact sync, application backup, music and movie backup

4. YouSendIt

Yousendit offers free 2 GB worth data where users can upload upto 50 MB files and share it with other accounts. Paid subscribers can share files of upto 2 GB. Yousendit’s paid plans starts from $9.99/month and offers 5GB data, $14.99 plan offers unlimited data storage with additional features like download tracking return receipt etc. They also offer Desktop and mobile application for online syncing of data and access them with each other. It has applications to send email directly from email to Yousendit accounts.

Services: Online storage, Online backup, Online File synchronization, File sharing, File hosting, download tracking.


MyPCBackup offers 2MB file sharing and syncing for free account. For premium account, it offers upto 20 GB file storage space and file size limit of 5 GB. It offers cross platform clients to share, view and sync data from one device to another and access anywhere. It also offers back up services for external HDD and USB Drives. The company also offers similar services from too.

Services: Online storage, Online backup, Online File synchronization, File sharing, File hosting, download tracking, File Protection

6. SkyDrive

Microsoft Skydrive was earlier known as Windows Live SkyDrive allows free sign up with 7 GB data. Users can upload files by drag an drop into web browser or through desktop application which is currently available for Windows and Mac only. It offers features like integration with Microsoft Office, email integration and Document embedding.

Services: Online cloud storage, Online backup, Online syncing, Online document editing, File hosting

7. Ubuntu One

Users can sign up for free and get 5 GB online storage space with Ubuntu One. It also allow music streaming feature where users can store their favorite music and stream from android or iPhone devices. It currently provides applications Windows, Ubuntu, Android and iOS operating systems. Additional online storage can be purchased with their monthly plans. 20 GB storage is available for $2.99/month.

Services: Online cloud storage, Online backup, Online syncing

8. Mozy

Mozy is one of the widely used backup systems. It provides online data backup and allows you to backup any file you want and it is fully automatic. It comes with high grade security so that the sensitive data stays safe. Mozy is easy to use and comes with various other features like synch with their iOS or Android devices. Mozy comes with multiple restore options including via Mozy client, through web or even by ordering a DVD. Plans start form %5.99 per month for one computer and allows 50 GB.

9. Sugarsync

Sugarsync allows one to sync various folders over a variety of devices. Not only does it allow you to backup important files, but you can access it across many platforms and make any change you want. You can easily recover or restore the lost data. It comes with a FREE 5GB account.

10. Acronis

Acronis provides great online backup service for your important data. Once installed successfully to your system it will automatically backup files at a regular interval. In case of data loss you can easily restore the previous data in a matter of few minutes. Acronis comes with some great security features and has received numerous awards for being one of the best software. Acronis starts at $74 per license for basic backup solution for workstation.

11. Amazon Glacier

A backup service from Amazon. They currently offer cheapest online backup solution, pricing starts from as low as $0.01/month/GB. Data is stored as archives which can be accessed using AWS Management Console or API. This is really a durable, secure and flexible way to store data online.


aDrive was founded in 2007 and offers online backup, sync and storage services. The free plan offers 50 GB free data and online document editing option with Web based Interface. Its paid plan offers additional features like multiple concurrent sessions, Online Collaboration, multi-user accounts, ftp and allow transferring files size of upto 16 GB. It offers Android and Apple iOS App for accessing data through mobiles.

Services: Online storage, Online backup, Online File synchronization, File sharing, File hosting, online collaboration.


LiveDrive launched in 2008 and currently claim to serve more than half million customers worldwide. Livedrive offers online backup solution with variety of plans for home users and businesses. Although it offers 30 days free trial, it don’t offer any free plans. Home user plan starts from $7.95/month or $79.95/year. It also offers while label reselling solution. It also offers Android and iOS applications to access data from smartphone devices.

Services: Online cloud storage, online backup, Online File synchronization, File sharing, File hosting, online collaboration.

14. Carbonite

Carbonite comes with great features and provides easy online backup solutions. Just set the backup schedule and it will work in the background and make sure that you don’t lose any valuable data ever. Also you can restore any file in case you lose it for some reason. Carbonite comes with unlimited storage at $59 per year subscription fee for one computer.


4Sync offers cloud file storage and syncing where user can sign up for free and get online storage of up to 15 GB. It is compatible with windows, Linux, mac and leading smart phone OS. Earlier it was known as 4shared Sync. The service offers several unique features such as sharing via twitter and file sync history.

Services: Online cloud storage, Online backup, Online File synchronization, social file sharing.


Wuala is a Switzerland based company. Users can sign up for free and get 5 GB data. Users can also subscribe to paid plans to get more storage. It offers online sync and backup solutions and file versioning features. Users can share files with other users directly or via web URL for unregistered Users. The service is compatible with major computer and mobile operating systems.

Services: Online file storage, secure cloud storage, online backup, Online File syncing, File sharing, File versioning.

17. LiveKive

Leading anti-virus and security solution AVG offers secure online backup and synchronization. AVG LiveKive offers 5FB free data with free account. Its paid plans starts from $49.99/year. It also offers unlimited storage space for $79.99/year. It is compatible only with Windows OS, Mac, Android and Apple iOS currently.

Services: Online storage, Automatic online backup, Online File synchronization, Unlimited file hosting.

18. Norton Backup

Leading anti-virus solution Norton offers data online backup and sharing between computers. It is currently compatible with windows and mac OS. It offers one-year plan for $24.99 with support for up to 5 PCs and total data storage of up to 25 GB. They also offer their backup solutions from another website

Services: Online storage, Automatic online backup, file hosting.


eGnyte offers scalable online backup and online syncing service. They only have paid solutions for businesses and large organizations. Files can be accessed anywhere and anytime from computers or even through smart phones. They currently have smart phone application available for iOS, Android, Windows and HP WebOS based phones.

Services: Online file storage, Secure cloud storage, online backup,

20. CrashPlan

Users can sign up with CrashPlan for free and take backup from multiple destinations. However free plan doesn’t offer online storage. To get online storage, users can sign up with paid plans (CrashPlan+), which start from $1.50/month and offer 10 GB data storage. It offers free onsite and offsite backup.

Services: Online file storage, Onsite and offsite backup, Online File syncing, Remote file backup & storage, Secure business backup.


Opendrive offer online file storage and backup solution with access from multiple platforms. It is available for all popular computer and smart phone operating systems. The free basic plan offers 5 GB of data and access to 1 User. Their business plans offers some tools with lots of file storage space.

Services: File syncing, free online storage, online file sharing, File hotlinking, online backup

22. BackBlaze

Backblaze provides unlimited backup storage for your devices. It comes with a military grade encryption and great backup solution while still making sure that it doesn’t hamper your computer speed. It starts at a price of $3.96 per month.

23. DriveHQ

With DriveHQ, Users can share and sync files using DriveHQ Filemanager client, mapped drive or through FTP. Users can even backup emails automatically. It offers Folder synchronization with advanced options and file caching for offline access. Free accounts can get 1 GB online storage with 1 user account. Online storage space can be increased (upto 5 GB) by promoting DriveHQ services. The data can also be accessed from mobile through mobile phone applications.

Services: Free online storage, Cloud file server, Drive mapping, online data backup, and Automatic folder synchronization

24. DriveHQ

Bitcasa offers unlimited cloud storage and available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OSes. The company was founded in 2011 and works based on an algorithm where they minimize data storage by identifying duplicate content. The data can be synced within multiple devices.

Services: Free unlimited storage, Cloud storage, Secure online sync.


Users can sign up for free and get online storage of 1 GB. More online space can be available by paid plans, which starts from $2.95/month. It offers syncing through Drive Mapping, web based folders or through PC/Mac apps. It is currently not compatible with Linux. The service additionally offers plenty of features for free and paid subscribers.

Services: Online cloud storage, online backup, Drive mapping, Drag-and-Drop file upload, online collaboration

26. SOS Online Backup

Sosonlinebackup allows you to backup all your devices as well as your Facebook data. It provides super fast back up and also takes only minutes to restore. It makes sure that all the versions are backed up which is not the case with many backup services. It is available over various platforms and allows you to backup up to 5 PCs with one account. It starts with $79.95 per year and allows 50 GB storage.

27. iDrive

iDrive allows unlimited device backup with a single account. It automatically backs up data or even modification in data so that you don’t have to worry about backing up modified files. One can access to the data just by logging to their account from any place. iDrive basic is FREE and provides 5GB of space. For more storage, one can go for the pro plan which starts at $4.95 per month and comes with 150 GB storage.

28. Vembu (Storegrid)

Vembu (Storegrid) offers its services since 2004 and offers award winning enterprise-grade backup services. They offers Online Backup, Disaster Recovery and File Sharing & Sync solution.

29. ZipCloud

Zipcloud is a simple yet powerful cloud backup solution for your computer. All you have to do is to install the zipcloud application your data will be backed up at regular interval. It allows you to sync multiple computers at once and provides great security to your data. Zipcloud is available for for $4.95 per month and provides 75 GB online storage.

30. iBackup

iBackup is the perfect data backup service for small and medium sized business. It provides backup for a wide range of devices including backup for your photos and data for your iPhone. Also now iBackup provides API to third party developers for more customized options. iBackup is available for $9.95 and provides 10 GB of storage for unlimited devices.

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