Top 29 Technology Blogs & News Sites

With the latest advances in the technology field, keeping abreast of the latest in the technology arena can be quite difficult. There is however no need to worry as there are several blogs where you can get the latest information on the various newly emerging technology as well as review of the best gadgets out there. Some of the famous technology blogs have been reviewed below.

1. Techcrunch

In their words, Techcrunch is a blog about technology startups and web 2.0. Anything about internet and technology is sure to be found here and hence is a must read blog for everyone who has interest in technology field.

2. Engadget

Engadget provides great insight into the world of gadgets right from the day to day used gadgets to the more sophisticated ones. In short, everything you need to know about gadgets in right here.


Wired is a great place to find everything regarding technology and provides an indepth analysis of current and future trends in the field of technology. Also you can subscribe to the monthly printed magazine to walk hand in hand with technology.

4. Lifehacker

Lifehacker provides great technology based tips and tricks which can seriously save you some time and money. Lifehacker can dramatically increase your productivity and show you whole new ways in which you can use your favorite gadgets.

5. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is the place to turn up to get the latest news about gadgets and technology. Also know more about your favorite gadgets through the various in depth reviews.

6. MacRumors

Macrumors is the perfect place for all the Mac enthusiasts. Everything you needed to know about Mac products including operating system can be found here. Also with the forums feature, people can discuss over various features of some of the greatest gadgets mankind has ever witnessed.

7. ZDnet

ZDnet provides latest technology based news and review of various gadgets and tech products. ZDnet is also famous for the collection of downloadable sofrware for Windows, Mac and mobile phones.

8. The Verge

Although quite new as compared to other technology blogs in the list, the verge commands a good position in the technology world. It provides the latest technology news as well as reviews and information on the latest gadgets. Also with the various podcasts, it becomes quite easy to follow the latest in technology.

9. The Next Web

Another influencial name in the world of technology, the next web provides various aspects of technology and in a more light hearted fashion. With more than 5 million unique page views every month, The next web surely is a must read technology blog.

10. SlashDot

Slashdot provides various technology related information with a higher emphasis on open source services. A bit satirical, Slashdot is the perfect place to get your daily dose of technology news as well as have a good time while doing that.

11. Arstechnica

Although not as popular as some of the sites on the list, Arstechnica is indeed a great source for technology news and reviews. With articles covering almost every aspect of technology, one can find a lot of technology related information here in Arstechnica.

12. HowToGeek

Howtogeek is the best place to learn new technology tricks which can seriously enhance your productivity. With tutorials to teach you how to draw to build your own rocket, howtogeek is the perfect place for anybody seeking knowledge or just want to have some fun.

13. Mashable

Mashable is more than just “the Social media Guide”. It also provides latest news in the technology world and insights into various tech related products right from mobile phones to cars. With more than 6 million social media followers, Mashable is one of the most widely read tech blogs in the internet.

14. VentureBeat

Venturebeat covers various aspects of technology, people and money. Not only does it provide various insights into the technology field, it also brings out the real story behind the technology and products.

15. GigaOm

Gigaom comes with various breaking news and in-depth analysis of the technology industry. Unlike most technology blogs which provide only the latest news, Gigaom traverses a different route and provides great details on various aspects of the technology industry and presents a whole different view.

16. Anandtech

Anandtech, a blog by Anand Lal Shimpi is the ultimate place to get an idepth review of gadgets and IT hardwares. Products are analyzed from various angles and what comes out is the in depth information on the product. This site is however not for complete beginners and one must have working knowledge of the products to admire what Anandtech has to share with the world.

17. ReadWriteWeb

Readwriteweb provides various information and review on web related services including social media, website creation and technology. It comes with various specialized channels with valuable resources for startups, web developers, mobile developers etc.

18. Android Police

Android police is all about android! Offers articles on various android tricks, tutorial, videos, podcasts, news and applications. Also offers reviews on various android based mobile phones. Site is online since 2009 and currently receive around 6.5 million pageviews per month.

19. Apple Insider

Apple Insider is a blog about Apple and online since 1997. Although it is a blog about apple, it often reviews products other than apple’s. Also offers price gude, forums, product reviews and auctions of various apple products.

20. Slashgear

Slashgear is the place to look for if you want information on gadgets and the latest in technology. With in depth review of gadgets, games etc., it is a great spot for gadget lovers and tech enthusiasts.

21. Digitaltrends

Digital trends provides various information and unbiased review on latest technology products including gadgets, games, computers and many other technology related products. Digital trends can help you in getting in touch with the latest trends in the technology field.

22. 9to5Mac

9to5mac is the perfect place to get all the information related to Apple products. It provides whole lot of information on Apple products including tips and expert reviews and is a great place to learn the latest in the Mac World.

23. Labnol

Labnol is a tech blog which offers various tech news, how to guides, social media news, software tips and tech hacks. This is a blog from Amit Agarwal – a guy who awarded as Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft.

24. AddictiveTips

Tech tips blog offers useful tips on various OS (windows, linux, Mac, iOS, Android) etc. The blog is found in 2008 to help users to solve their daily life problems. One of fastest growing tech blog.

25. Tech Radar

RechRadar is UK based site and currently rated as UK’s biggest IT Media by hitwise. It offers reviews, news, buying guides and lot more for various tech products. Part of FuturePublishing network – a 20 year old company.

26. OSXdaily

Osxdaily provides latest news on the great Apple products and provides various tips and reviews of the products. It provides in depth tips and some great information on various Apple products.

27. BGR

BGR, the three biggest words in technology, brings various in depth news and analysis in the technology world. It comes with product review and exhaustively covers a vast amount of topics related to technology.

28. Android Authority

Android authority is the first choice if you want to know what’s happening in the android world. Besides news one can also find various tips and tricks to increase the productivity of the most famous smart phone and tablet operating system in the world. It provides in depth reviews and comparison of some of the most famous android devices in the world so that you can decide which android is made for you.

29. Ubergizmo

Ubergizmo is a popular news website for tech related products. It promises an unbiased and expert review of the latest products in the technology field. The site covers every popular device in the technology field and provides an in depth review of products.

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