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Business websites often require feedback from customers for better operation and performance. This sometimes calls for a better interaction between customers and site owners which cannot be fulfilled with the comment and mailing systems found in many blogs and websites. Hence live chat options come handy here for real time solutions for better customer satisfaction. Also visit our list for help desk software if you’re looking for simple ticket management software.

Following are some of the best live chat software you can use for your business.

1. Zopim


Zopim provides direct on browser live chat services hence there is no need to download any software. It comes with a clean and intuitive dashboard for better control and to monitor website statistics. Also with an IM client, you can keep the live chat going from anywhere. Zopim is available for FREE (One agent and two concurrent chats) and a $9 per month plan for one agent unlimited chats.

2. Kayako Engage


Kayako Engage and also part of Kayako Resolve support suite comes with various features such as live chat, remote support, email, visitor tracking etc. It provides features such as survey and auto suggest option for faster customer support. Also it has a rich and customizable API for better customization. It is available for $29 per month for or a onetime payment of $599.

3. Comm100 Live Chat


Comm100 is one of the widely used live chat software for business. It provides a simple to understand chat window for communication between site owner and visitor. Also it comes with many features such as email campaigns, alternate communication ways such as tickets and email and creates a database of frequently asked questions. It is available for $14 per month for the basic one operator plan.

4. Provide Support

Provide support is a cost effective solution for your business. It comes with various features like spell checker, traffic statistics, real time monitoring and comes with various customization options. Besides visitor- operator chats, it also supports operator to operator chats too. It starts at $15 per month for one operator.

5. LiveChatInc

Livechatinc is a great way to convert your visitors into your customers. It comes with various features such as survey data which can help you acquire various information about your visitors, spy on the page they are looking at and hence provide better assistance. It also comes with an option to login through Facebook which allows one click login and provide you valuable information on the users. The basic pack starts at $36 per month for one operator seat.

6. Live Person

Live person is one of the most business chat softwares. It comes with various features like Google analytics reports for reporting, campaign viewer, push web pages, creating groups on basis of skill etc. Live Person is available for $70 per month for single operator.

7. Olark

Olark provides some great user interface and instant messaging options. It is easy to install as well as customize and provides various other features like real time visitor reports, statistics etc. Olark is available at various plans starting from $15 per month for one visitor.

8. BoldChat

Boldchat has one of the most optimized live chat window for easy and trouble free communication between the business and customers. It is regarded as one of the best ecommerce solutions and is used by many ecommerce sites. Boldchat provides great customization features to suit your website and real time visitor monitoring for great support. Bold chat is available for $99 per month for the basic plan.

9. ClickDesk

ClickDesk is innovative live help software, which also offers integration extensions for wordpress, shopping cart bigcommerce and CRM software like SugarCRM and SalesForce. They offer features like live chat, email helpdesk, voice chat and social toolbar. They have free plan, which allows up to 30 chats for free per month. Their paid plans allow unlimited chat with additional features and starts from $9.99/month.

10. Coffeecup Live Chat

Coffeecup has a great drag and drop feature and WYSIWYG interface so that you can easily customize the chat window as per your liking. It allows chatting with multiple visitors at the same time as well as comes with various sound and background images for better visual effects. It comes with a selection of graphics options for customizing the chats. It is available at a price of $34 per month.

11. Velaro

Velaro is one of the widely used live chat software and is used by many well known companies. It comes with various features such as chat survey, option to share pre created messages, real time visitor monitoring and provides many customizing options. Velaro provides an option to try it out for FREE after which one can get a quote according to personal needs.

12. Livezilla

Livezilla is another well reputed site and comes with great features like real time visitor monitoring, great customization and branding options, sound and visual alerts etc. Livezilla plans start from $86 onetime payment for one agent and one site.


Livehelpnow is great live chat software with good user reviews. It comes with many tools which can increase your productivity to a great extent like the option to save frequently used messages, translation from a different language, a two way file transfer option with the client etc. Livehelpnow is available for a 30 day trial period after which it will cost $21 per month.

14. Website Alive

Website Alive offers three standard features like Alivechat (for live help), AliveDial (for click to call option) and AliveMessage (for offline messages). Also offers additional features like mobile chat, proactive invites, surveys, reports and live visitor monitoring. They have paid plans only and starts from $29.95/month.

15. Qualityunit Live Agent

Live agent allows you to control various services like emails, chats, social media etc. from one place. It is SAAS based and can be installed in your site in a matter of a few minutes. It comes with many unique features and option to connect visitors across multiple agents for a more satisfying experience. The basic pack starts at $19 per month for single agent.

16. iAdvize

iAdvize comes with various features, which provides a simple and interactive chat environment. It is quite easy to install and use. It has an automated presence management feature which hides the chat button if no live agents are available. It comes with a great welcome screen and provides various customization options. iAdvize is available for $29.90 per month for one agent and one site.

17. Online Chat Centers

The software offers many features that are not available with most live help SaaS providers, Some unique features includes chat conferencing, ring visitor, chat forwarding, language translation and more. It has free plan with limited options and paid plans with enhanced options. Paid plans start from $5/month.

18. Live 2 Support

Live2support provides real time reports on what your visitors are viewing at the moment, where are they coming from etc. It comes with multiple chat requests and no log in or sign up requirement for easy accessibility. It is highly customizable and even includes gtalk integration. Liv2support is available for a fee of $9.99 per month for one operator.

19. Chatroll

Chatroll provides various features like reporting and analysis, interactive call to action option for better conversion, Social media integration etc. It is quite easy to setup and you can easily add it to your website or blog just by copying the chat-roll module code and paste in your website. It starts with the basic $9 per month plan with 50 users.

20. Help On Click

Help on click is yet another paid only SaaS. They offer features like chat widget, proactive chat invites, visitor monitoring and customizable themes. Their basic package starts from $19/month with limitation of 1 website, 1 operator and 1 department.

21. PHP Live Support

PHP Live Support is offered as a software package to install on local server and SaaS with paid monthly plans. It offers many options including various chat features, customization, traffic monitoring, API, notifications and marketing. Software package is available for $149.95 one time fee while SaaS starts from $9.95/month, both inclusive of windows application for live help.

22. Mibew

Mibew also known as Mibew messenger is an open source program coded in php and MySQL. It is completely free to download and install on any compatible servers under GPL license. It offers almost all standard features available with most live help software.

23. Parachat

Parachat is a good live chat software for both personal and business use. It comes with various state of the art features such live visitor statistics, one to one visitor chat, iPhone application, chat windows with various themes etc. It starts from $19.96 per month for one agent and one site.

24. CrafySyntax

If you’re using cPanel with fantastico or other software install scripts like simplescript or ehcp easy install scripts, you can install CrafySyntax with one click and update future upgrade using them. The software is free and offers some of really cool features. You can buy non-branded version of software for $25 one time fee. The software also offers visitor tracking features.

25. Whoson

Whoson provides various tools to communicate with visitors and engage them with invite requests etc. Get a real time tracking of which sites the visitors browse through for easy and proper guidance. Whoson is available in various editions including hosted edition, installable edition, dedicated servers and isp edition. The hosted edition starts from a monthly fee of $39.

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