Top 12 Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

No web business can afford a potential visitor from not turning into a potential customer just because the website didn’t load at the time. This is often referred to downtime in web terminology. Most hosting companies offer guaranteed 99.99+ uptime. Uptime monitoring tools can really save your day in such cases by providing you instant alert the moment there is server breakdown.

Below are some tools which can help you to montor uptime/downtime of a website.

1. Pingdom

Pingdom is one of the widely used uptime monitoring services and comes with various features such as Uptime Reports, Error analysis, Response Time Reports, Multiple checking locations etc. It is available in FREE as well as paid versions. It has option to monitor uptime and downtime from multiple locations and with minutes of intervals.

The FREE plan provides you the option for one site monitoring and provides 20 SMS alerts.

The Personal and business plans allow you to monitor 5 or 30 sites and allow you 20 and 200 SMS alerts respectively. The Personal plan is available for a monthly subscription of $9.99 per month and Business plan is available for $39.95.

2. HostTracker

HostTracker has several uptime monitoring points in various parts of the world which minimizes the chances of a false alarm hence saving a lot of time and unnecessary burden. In case of a real downtime, HostTracker sends an instant alert through SMS and Email. HostTracker is available for either a FREE account with 2 website monitoring and 30 minute interval checking and PAID version which starts at $4.99 per month and allows you to monitor 5 sites at 10 minutes interval. Higher plans allow you to keep a tab on up to 200 websites at 1 minute interval.

3. Uptime Robot

Uptime robot makes sure that the site is working by checking websiteís header status code and sends an alert to the webmaster. Uptime robot checks your website every 5 minutes and the best part is that it is available for FREE. It can provide instant alert either through SMS, Email, Twitter, RSS or even push notifications on iPhone. You can monitor up to 50 websites using this tool.

4. is a FREE cloud based website monitoring tool. It provides various insights into the performance of your sites for proper diagnosis and analysis. It checks the website uptime every 30 minutes and provides alert in case through instant messaging, SMS and Email. This service however allows you to monitor only one website at a time.

5. InternetSeer

It monitors your site from servers over several geographical positions to make sure that your site is available. It comes with various features such as availability monitoring and detailed alert report.

The FREE version comes with various features such as checking the site 24 times a day, weekly reports, alerts via Email, text message etc.

The premium and Enterprise versions come with 30/15/5 minute website monitoring options. One can also choose from daily, weekly, monthly reports. Also you can receive downtime alerts via SMS, page or email. InternetSeer is available from $12.99 per month for the 30 minute uptime checking option.

6. Site Uptime

Site uptime watches your website uptime through various servers located around the world every 2/5/15/60 minutes. Anomaly in any monitoring location will alert the webmaster through SMS or Email. The FREE version allows monitors one website at every 30 minutes while the paid version at $5 per month can monitor 3 websites at 5 or 15 minutes interval.

7. Uptrends

Uptrends is another well known web monitoring tool and provides you instant alert and detailed diagnosis of faults and downtime. The monthly subscription costs $22.62 per month and monitors the website every 10 minutes. Also it allows 20 SMS per month.

8. Verelo

A new entrant, Verelo don’t just track site uptime but also scan malware. You can scan Website, SMTP, FTP and SSH with verelo. Offers SMS, Email and Phone notification option. Free feature rich plan offer monitoring of one site. Paid plans stats from as low as $2/month to $112/month for enterprises.

9. StatusCake

StatusCake is a free website uptime monitoring service and offers SAME features that many paid services offers! Instead of charing users, they offer ad supported UI. Offers unlimited free sites monitoring, alert through email, skype or twitter and public reporting pages.

10. WebsitePulse

Website Pulse offers various monitoring options. They offer monitoring services for website, servers, applications and email systems. You can also download iPone and Android applications and monitor website through it. Although their price is little high compared to price offered by Pingdom and few others.

11. 100Pulse

Offers monitoring of DNS Servers, MYSQL Servers, SSH, FTP Server, SMTP Server and Website monitoring services. They offer instant notification through email, sms or through twitter and also offer private and public uptime reports. Price vary depending on monitoring frequencies.

12. Motastic

Offers free and paid monitoring services. With their free monitoring services, you can monitor upto 3 sites with check interval of 30 minutes. Paid plans have more sites with monitoring interval of 5 minutes. Although they don’t seem to offer email or sms alert but instead they offer instant alert through RSS, Mac, PC or Android widgets.

3 thoughts on “Top 12 Website Uptime Monitoring Tools”

  1. One company to add to that list is Verelo. We provide website and application monitoring for SMBs. We offer a feature-rich free service and have paid plans to meet the needs of those looking for more sophisticated monitoring solutions. Some of our unique features include our 911 system which brings teams together quicker in the case of an outage as well as a malware scanner to notify you if your site is not only up, but safe for your users as well.

    With paid plans as low as $2/month, it’s definitely worth checking out!

  2. Nice list guys. Would also add to the list which is another free website monitoring service but will the functionality of many of the paid-for services.

    It allows you to track an unlimited number of websites, checking for performance issues and downtime every 5 mins from multiple locations. Alerts sent to you by email, Skype, Twitter, SMS text message or push notifications for iOS, Android or Blackberry – e.g. Boxcar or Pushover.

    Useful feature is the public reporting page so you can show visitors your uptime – great for instilling confidence to those visiting your site.

    Def worth checking out! 🙂

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