27 Top US Banks

The USA is the largest economy in the world and it is not surprising to see the presence of the largest banking corporations in the world. Banks in the United States not only focus on individuals, but also on businesses and corporations as well.

This is a list of the top US banks as per their popularity.

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Bank Of America

This is the second largest bank in the US with deposits totaling more than $1 billion. The bank was formed into its current status in 1998. It offers several banking features like saving accounts and credit cards, while there are lending products like home loans, auto loans, and mortgages. The bank also provides investment and insurance solutions as well.


This is one of the oldest banks in the US having been formed in 1799. It offers banking solutions like saving accounts, term deposits, debit and credit cards. The bank provides an exclusive student center with aspects like online and text banking. Different types of loans and mortgages are offered along with investment, retirement, and insurance solutions.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the US with deposits coming close to $1 billion in 2012. The bank offers several products like credit cards, investment banking, private equity, wealth management, and financial analysis amongst many other products. The bank provides the ability to open a checking account online with a few minutes.

Citi Bank

Founded in 1812, this multinational bank offers several banking products like saving accounts and credit cards. Loans for different purposes like home and automobiles are also provided. Investment banking and insurance are the other products of this bank.

TD Bank N.A

TD Bank N.A is a sub-subsidiary of Canadian banking and finance group Toronto-Dominion Bank. Created from a merger in 1955, the TD bank offers personal, business, and corporate banking. The bank offers several merchant and international services through these types. Investment, financial planning, and insurance products are also present as well.

US Bancorp

This bank provides personal, small business, commercial, and government banking products. Usual banking features like loans, mortgages, savings account, credit cards, and debit cards are present along with investment and wealth management products. The bank allows online banking and investing.

PNC Bank

This Pittsburgh based bank was formed in 1852 and it provides banking solutions in nineteen states across the United States. It offers six different types of saving accounts and three credit cards. Retirement, wealth, and investment management are the other products available from this bank.

Capital One

Capital One specializes in offering retail banking to its customers. It has products like savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and certificates of deposit. The dedicated section for credit cards allows users to pick the card according to their needs.

Sun Trust

This American bank offers several banking solutions like savings account along with premium banking features. There are numerous credit cards with varying reward programs. Mobile and online banking solutions are provided along with loans and financial planning tools.


BB&T is abbreviation of “Branch Banking & Trust”. Founded in 1872, this bank claims to have more than 2400 ATMs across the United States. Features like saving accounts, mortgages, loans, college saving accounts, and investment products are available. This bank is present in 13 states across the country.

Regions Bank

This bank offers both personal and commercial banking solutions. They offer a number of products like saving accounts, certificate of deposits, securities trading, investment products, and insurance solutions. Home equity and different loan products are also available.


Present in its current form since 1998 in the United States, HSBC USA offers savings and checking accounts for its customers. Overdraft protection is amongst the several products like credit cards and debit cards. There are numerous borrowing, investing, and insurance products present as well.

5/3 – Firth Third Bank

Founded in 1858, the Fifth Third Bank operates in the 12 states across the United States. It offers personal, private, business and commercial banking in these regions. The bank has just over 2200 ATM centers in the 12 states.

Key Bank

This regional bank has operations in 14 states in the United States. This bank provides five saving accounts, seven checking accounts, and several additional services like foreign currency transfer and safe deposit boxes. Loans, credit cards, and investment are the other major products.

Sovereign Bank

Run by the Spanish Santander Group, this bank is primarily focused on the northeastern region of the United States. This bank offers products and services spread across personal, business, corporate, institutional, and government banking. They include saving accounts, loans, and investment solutions.

Citizens Bank

A subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland, this bank is present in 12 states – mostly in the northern region – of the United States. Savings, money market, borrowing, and checking accounts are offered by this bank under personal banking along with credit cards.

M&T Bank

Founded in 1856, this bank offers personal, business, and corporate banking to its customers. Standout features of this bank include free checking accounts, customized lending solutions, and customizable credit cards. The bank also offers repayment assistance as well.

Ing Direct USA

This bank offers savings account, checking account, investing solutions, home loans, retirement funds, and business accounts as its chief products in the United States. The bank also offers several retirement, investment, and mortgage tools as well.


The primary features of this financial services company is an online trading platform that allows users to buy and sell securities, mutual funds, and other forms of investment avenues. It also offers aspects like saving accounts and credit cards as well.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank is a part of Ally financial, which offers savings accounts, checking accounts, IRAs and money market accounts. It was earlier known as GMAC and was founded in 1919. In 2009, they rebranded GMAC as Alley bank.

Huntington Bancshares

Specializing in retail and commercial banking, this bank operates in six states across the United States. Under personal banking, it offers aspects like banking accounts, lending, investment, and insurance products. There are several financial planning tools available from this bank.

Bank of the West

Bank of the west is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. It was founded as Farmers National Gold Bank in 1874 and in 1979, acquired by BNP Paribas. They serve mostly Midwest and western USA regions with its more than 700 branches.

Union Bank

Operating in the three states of Washington, California, and Oregon, this bank has 398 branches. The bank offers four types of saving accounts in these states, while there are four credit cards as well. Online and mobile banking ways are used to access the accounts.

BBVA Compass

The bank was earlier known as Compass Bancshares and now “BBVA Compass” after acquision from Spanish banking leader BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) in 2007. The bank has more than 700 branches in USA.

BMO Harris Bank

Aside from offer the usual banking features like accounts and cards, this bank offers wealth management services like financial advisors, private banking, and retirement services. Small business and commercial banking solutions are also offered as well.


This bank offers retail banking, commercial banking, and wealth management services, while the credit card from this bank offers numerous rewards while spending. Home, personal, and student loans are offered along with various investment solutions like IRAs.

Zions Bank

Founded in 1873, this bank serves the states of Idaho and Utah. Aside from the usual banking features like saving accounts and credit cards, the bank provides private and executive banking solutions. Wealth management services like investments are also provided.

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