15 Best Mobile Phone Brands

Mobile phones have truly made the world a smaller place, while they continue to set pace with several innovations as well. Introduced by John F. Mitchell of Motorola back in 1973, mobile phones have become an essential commodity of the 21st century.

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This is a list of the top mobile phone brands according to their popularity.


Apple iPhone

Founded in 1976, this American multinational company specializes in manufacturing premium and high-end smartphones under the iPhone brand. The first mobile phone from this brand was introduced in 2007. Capacitive touch screen and retina display have been some of the technologies introduced by this brand over the years. The company has sold more than 250 million mobile phones until 2012.


This South Korean electronics company was established in 1969, and it is part of the Samsung Group. Today, it has its presence in almost every region across the world. It attained the status as the world’s largest mobile phone maker in 2012. The mobile phones from this brand run on several operating systems like Android. LED panels, televisions, and semiconductors are the other products.


This is a Finnish company incorporated in 1871. The company manufactures different types of mobile phones and smartphones. Other products of this brand are mobile computers and networking equipment. The company has sold more than 500 million smart phones. The first mobile phones from this brand were introduced in 1987. Symbian and Windows Phone OS are some of the operating systems used by Nokia phones.


This Canadian company is officially known as Research In Motion Limited, and it was established in 1984. The company introduced its first smartphone in 2000. Aside from mobile phones, the brand also manufactures tablet PCs as well.


Founded in 1997, this Taiwanese company offers mobile phones running on operating systems like Windows Phone OS and Android. The brand is part of the VIA Group. The company has also created notebooks and tablet PCs in its history.


A division of the Sony Corporation, this brand was established in 2001 as a joint venture with Swedish company Ericsson. Following Sony’s acquisition in 2012, the brand has been functioning as a sole subsidiary of Sony Corporation since 2012.


This American brand is now a part of Google, and it was founded in 2011. There are two divisions of Motorola, which serve personal and business communication requirements. Tablet PCs, cable modems, and set-top boxes are the other products of this brand.


This South Korean brand has been manufacturing mobile phones since 1996, and it is a division of the LG Electronics group. Aside from mobile phones, this brand is also involved in manufacturing smartphones, personal computers, laptops, and MP3 players.


Founded in 1988, this Chinese company is involved in manufacturing telecommunication devices like mobile phones and networking equipments. Different operating systems like Windows Phone OS and Android are employed by this brand on its mobile phones.


This Chinese company was founded in 1985, and it is involved in offering products like Tablet PCs and Internet devices aside from mobile phones. The mobile phones of this company are available across several careers in the United States. The ZTE USA brand is a subsidiary of ZTE.


Established in 1991, this South Korean brand is present in regions like the United States and Japan. The mobile phones from this brand are available in major carriers like Verizon and AT&T in the United States.


A subsidiary of the Japanese company Kyocera Corporation, this brand specializes in manufacturing mobile phones running on the CDMA technology. The brand was formed in 2008. There are different form factors – slide, flip, and full QWERTY – within its range of mobile phones.


This is a British brand that was founded in 1998. Formerly of Nokia, it is now part of EQT VI – a private equity group. The brand specializes in manufacturing luxury mobile phones. Different exotic materials like sapphire are used in the manufacture of these phones.


A part of the TCL Communications, this brand is involved in offering mobile phones and tablet PCs. The mobile phones from this brand are made from the technology offered by Alcatel Mobile Phones – a brand that was established in 2004.


This is a Taiwanese company founded in 1976. It has its presence in several regions across the world like North America, Asia, and Europe. Aside from mobile phones, the company also manufactures tablet PCs, computers, and computer peripherals.

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