15 Top UK Job Sites

The UK is one of the largest economies in the world and generates lot of employment in various sectors. Hence, the United Kingdom has some of the best websites that help people find jobs, while also allowing employers to hire people as well.

This is a list of the top UK job sites according to their traffic.

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This site offers the ability to search for jobs based on various aspects like job title, keywords, and organization name. Users can also search for jobs depending upon the location as well. Employers are allowed to post the new job openings for free. The site claims to receive more than 80 million visitors per month. Users can post their CV that can be made available for viewing by the employers.



This site offers variety of jobs like temporary, graduate, high-paying, and immediate starts. The site has 42 specialty sites offering more than 100,000 job classifieds. Users can also search for jobs in international locations, while location-based job availability can also be deduced. The site claims to have an employer database of more than 10,000 companies.

Total Jobs


Almost 5000 companies offer close to 100,000 jobs on this site. The jobseekers can search the available jobs based on the industry, location, or popularity. They can also upload your CV onto the account, while career advice is also provided through aspects like comprehensive information about the companies. This site is part of the Totaljobs Group Ltd.


This site provides access to job database that can be sorted on the basis of company, location, and industry. The site has several comprehensive career tips like attending an interview to preparing a CV. Users can also create a cover letter on this site.


Started in 1995, this site offers the ability to search for jobs based on sector, title, and location. The latest job openings are available by either e-mail or Twitter, while there are several career advices present as well.

Guardian Jobs

A division of the Guardian newspaper, this site specializes in offering information about the latest job openings in several categories like housing, environment, HR, technology, and engineering. Users can also allow recruiters to find them by posting the CV online.


This site allows access to the job offers in various sectors in the United Kingdom. There is also information about the various courses available for postgraduate study, while career advice is also offered on aspects like interview tips and job hunting.


Started in 2005, this site specializes in offering job openings in various sectors like accounting, administration, marketing, information technology, and transportation. The jobs can be narrowed on the basis of aspects like salary, title, and experience required.

CW Jobs

This site specializes in offering jobs related to information technology. Users can search for the jobs depending on aspects like location, salary, and job type. Complete information about the companies hiring its present along with career advice in several aspects.

Job Is Job

This is a site that acts as a search engine to offer job openings from several sources on the Internet. This site is part of the Grupo Intercom and it was launched in 1995. Hotel, marketing, mechanical, real estate, education, engineering, and hospitality are some of the job categories.


This website was launched in 1998 by University of Warwick. They claims to have more than 4000 job vacancies in several fields like computer science, economics, law, and psychology. The job vacancies are almost available entirely in universities and research institutions. It also allows users to search by studentships like Master’s and Ph.D.

Career Builder

This site allows users to search jobs from various sectors like banking, healthcare, human resources, and accountancy. The job can be sorted on the basis of major cities like London, Manchester, and. Glasgow. The site offers several tips in the career advice section.


This job site claims to have almost 2 million registered users, and it is part of the Trinity Mirror Digital Recruitment. Aside from information about jobs in several sectors and locations, the site also has career advice in the form of training and CV writing tips.

Jobs Today

Aside from offering information on the latest job openings in the UK, this site also offers personalized job alerts through e-mail. Users can also let the recruiters find them by uploading their CV, while training and advice is offered in several aspects.


This site claims to offer more than 10,000 jobs in several areas of expertise like financial services, retail, telecom, and office administration. House of Commons, Shell, and South Essex College are some of the featured recruiters on this site.

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