30 Best UK Universities

The United Kingdom is one of the foremost countries when it comes to higher education. It is not surprising to know that there are several universities in the United Kingdom that not only rank extremely high in this region, but also across the world.

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This list provides the top UK universities according to their popularity.

University of Cambridge

This is the fourth oldest university in the world and was started in 1209. This university primarily offers undergraduate and graduate courses that come in several different studying opportunities. Research is also an important aspect within this university along with several departments concentrating on the likes of arts and humanities, biological sciences, clinical medicine, and physical sciences.

Oxford University

The Oxford University existed as an unofficial establishment as early as in 1906. There are undergraduate and graduate courses along with several online and distance learning solutions as well. The university also accepts international students into its wide range of departments like humanities, medical sciences, social sciences, and mathematical sciences. The university helps new students choose their college.

The University of Edinburgh

Started in 1583, the Edinburgh University is also one of the oldest in the world. This university offers opportunities for studying, doing research, and business in a variety of formats. There are full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees alongside short courses. PhD scholarships are also offered along with several vacancies. Consultancy and business incubation are some of the different business opportunities available.

University College of London

Established in 1826, the University College London has a wealth of departments like biochemical engineering, Cancer Institute, computer science, engineering sciences, film studies, finance, history, and human resources. The university also provides opportunities for work and other resources for its students.

London School of Economics

The London School of Economics specializes in offering several different types of degrees and programs ranging from bachelors to PhDs. Research also forms an important element within this university, which has more than 140 courses in Master’s Program alone.

Manchester University

The Manchester University claims to have a student body comprising of individuals from more than 180 countries worldwide. The university offers open days, information about the student life, and accommodation details for prospective students applying for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

University of Nottingham

The Nottingham University offers a wide range of departments and studying options from MA degrees in postgraduate courses to PhD in research opportunities. The university accepts international students from around the world, while also having campuses in China and Malaysia.

University of Leeds

Established in 1904, the University of Leeds provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and research opportunities for students from around the world. Staff profile and campus life information are provided in detail along with help for the international students.

University of Warwick

The University of Warwick consists of four major faculties – faculty of arts, medicine, science, and social sciences. Each faculty has numerous departments like French studies, medical school, engineering studies, and business studies. The university also provides lifelong learning solutions as well.

Kent University

Offering three main faculties – humanities, social sciences, and sciences – this university has a total of five colleges in its arms. Kent also has a business school apart from offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Several part-time studying options are also present.

King’s College London

Offering five campuses, which have nine schools, situated across London, this university was established in 1829. Biomedical research and medical teaching form a key aspect due to its six medical research centers. The current faculty at the university includes Nobel Prize winners.

Newcastle University

This public research university comprises of three faculties teaching aspects like humanities and social sciences, medical sciences, and engineering. The university also has a business, medical, and law school as well. There are 11 research centers and institutes part of this university.

University of Glasgow

Established in 1451, the Glasgow University is one of the oldest in the world. Business and management, economics, finance, computing science, dentistry, and civil engineering are some of the departments available for undergraduate courses, while several postgraduate research opportunities are also present.

The Open University

This university specializes in offering distance-learning education. It has both studying and research opportunities through distance learning method. Several undergraduate programs like business and management, engineering and technology, languages, and law are present in this university along with equally diverse postgraduate programs.

University of Leicester

The Leicester University provides five different opportunities to study – undergraduate programs, postgraduate taught programs, postgraduate research courses, distance learning, and part-time programs. Special information is provided to international students including open day sessions for visiting the campus.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool provides several academic departments for teaching courses like chemistry, arts, architecture, biological sciences, management, medicine, and music. There are also numerous research groups indented to provide vacancies for research students seeking a PhD.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College London is one of the popular universities in the UK receiving plaudits for its research and medical colleges. The university provides a plethora of courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It provides support for students in academic, accommodation, and welfare matters.

Lancaster University

The Lancaster University claims to have more than 12000 students across several different undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs. Accounting, finance, economics, engineering, and law are some of the different departments available at this university. It also provides information about the programs like cost and entry requirements.

University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is the biggest university in London and it provides education in departments like architecture, computing, engineering, natural sciences, business, and social sciences. The university provides information about the student life in detail.

St Andrews Uni.

Established in 1410, this is the oldest Scottish university. The University caters to the prospective students looking for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Each program comes with detailed information about entry requirements, fees, and funding details, with special help provided to the international students.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield offers undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time, and distance learning programs. Research forms an important aspect within the university and it encourages top ranking researchers to work with them. The university conducts several open days for prospective students.

York University

This university has three major campuses along with eight colleges offering various levels of higher education. The university has several taught and research courses in areas like archaeology and conservation studies as part of the postgraduate programs. It also offers undergraduate courses as well.

Cardiff University

Offering 27 academic schools and a graduate college, this university offers higher education in aspects like architecture, dentistry, engineering, pharmacy, chemistry, and business. There are also several research areas being offered through its research centers and institutes.

University of Surrey

This university provides for major faculties concentrating on arts and human sciences, business, economics, law, engineering, health, and medical sciences. The University also offers several facilities and services for businesses, while there is special attention provided to international students.

University of Bath

The University of Bath provides four main faculties – engineering and design, humanities and social sciences, management, and science. Under these faculties, there are several different programs offered by the University in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Lifelong learning services are also provided.

Queen Mary Uni. of London

Established in its current format back in 1785, the Queen Mary is one of the oldest institutions in the United Kingdom. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees, while prospective students have the opportunity to book campus tours.

Heriot-Watt University

Established in 1821, this is one of the oldest universities in the world. The university has several campuses in international locations aside from its Edinburgh campus. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate study options, while the latter has taught and research courses.

Bristol University

The academic structure at the Bristol University is divided into six faculties – arts, engineering, medical and veterinary sciences, science, medical and dentistry, social sciences and law. Bachelors, masters, and postgraduate are some of the chief degrees offered by this university.

University of Exeter

This university offers several programs ranging within postgraduate and undergraduate courses through several colleges and departments. A business school and a college for medicine and dentistry are some of the key elements of the Exeter University.

Durham University

Established in 1832, the Durham University is one of the oldest institutions in England. The University offers information about the courses, accommodation, student life, and job opportunities for a very course within undergraduate, postgraduate, and research mediums.

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