Top 25 Live Chat Software

Business websites often require feedback from customers for better operation and performance. This sometimes calls for a better interaction between customers and site owners which cannot be fulfilled with the comment and mailing systems found in many blogs and websites. Hence live chat options come handy here for real time solutions for better customer satisfaction. … Read more

Top 13 Web Design Services (SAAS)

Creating a website isn’t any programmer or web designer’s monopoly anymore. There are thousands of tools available which can help any lay man create a great looking website in a matter of few minutes. Some of the best web-based website building tools are discussed below: 1. Webs Webs provides a great and interactive site builder … Read more

Top 25 Stock Photography Websites

A picture can add life to an otherwise boring looking post. Many bloggers and sites hence make sure that they include an image to attract viewers and also sooth the eyes while they are going through the post. Following are some sites where one can find the perfect image to go with their blog. 1. … Read more

Top 10 FTP Clients

An FTP client is an essential tool for bloggers and website developers as it can make organizing and uploading various files a lot easier. Following are some of the FTP clients which can make the tedious task of file transfer a breeze: 1. Filezilla Filezilla is the most common and widely used file transfer client. … Read more

Top 12 Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

No web business can afford a potential visitor from not turning into a potential customer just because the website didn’t load at the time. This is often referred to downtime in web terminology. Most hosting companies offer guaranteed 99.99+ uptime. Uptime monitoring tools can really save your day in such cases by providing you instant … Read more

Top 10 Email Marketing Services

For any business site or a blogger who treats his blog as a business, an email marketing tool is a must have tool. It provides the visitors an option to subscribe to the site and also automates the process of sending emails to the subscribers as per the schedule or frequency set by you. It … Read more

Top 30 Web Analytics Tools

When you own a website, it is almost impossible to ignore its virtual presence. The traffic that comes to your site, the visitors on your website and why they have arrived there and the basic browsing information are vital when you are taking your website seriously. The web visitor tracking software or services truly help … Read more

Top 4 Website Traffic Ranking Tools

The traffic on your website can be monitored through special website or by specific tools that monitor website traffic. With various avenues available on the internet, it is possible to track traffic quite easily and without much costs attached. However, the question is: Why should you do it? Essentially, your traffic is what brings you … Read more